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Can you say "YES" at your very first bridal appointment?

First appointment guilt is very real, but actually not necessary at all! You find a dress you love, you can imagine wearing on your wedding day, it's within your budget, and the whole group is on board! The only hold-up? You have two more appointments lined up at various boutiques! You've seen all the reality TV about dress shopping, and it seems like a long and emotional process, so there has to be something wrong if it's this easy, right?


The truth is, the process is supposed to be this stress-free.

Miss Ruby Say Yes to the Wedding Dress

From our own experience, we find that 3 out of 4 brides say yes to the dress of their dreams during their very first visit to the store - and many to the first dress they try! The fun of the experience should definitely outweigh the stress. Our stylists are trained to be able to hone in on the things you love about certain dresses and lead you to the perfect one. Truly, we are here to do all the hard work for you! It's no surprise so many brides find their dress at the first store they visit, because it's honestly what we're here to help you do!

Miss Ruby Bridal Shop Wedding Gown Shopping

If you believe the gown you have on could be the one, that is something to embrace and celebrate!

"I'm an indecisive person and need to sleep on it."

If you've narrowed down all the dresses in a store to just this one, you may not be as indecisive as you think you are! You've been making decisions all day long, and they weren't for nothing. In fact, the wedding planning process is just decision after decision, so if you are this close to making such a huge one, allow yourself to celebrate it!

"I need to review the photos of my favorites at home."

Photos are important and you have to make sure your dress photographs well for all the memories you're going to preserve! Still, the most important thing to consider is how the dress makes you feel. Over-analyzing photos can be dangerous. Most brides don't have a professional photographer with them at appointments, and lighting and angles can be deceiving. There is no better time to make a decision than when you are actually in a dress, feeling it, and you have your reflection right in front of you!

"I need to go to other appointments just to confirm."

Trust us, we want you to be 100% confident and excited in your decision. We will never push you to make a decision if you aren't complete sure it's your dress. If you feel there's something you haven't seen yet, ask your consultant about it! The truth is, most stores will have a good variety of all different styles, and if you need to try more to confirm, you can do it right then and there. Additionally, if you continue to shop around, will you just be searching for something similar to the same dress you have on? Don't overthink it!

Milwaukee Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Bride

Trust yourself.

When you're engaged, odds are, you've never been so confident in your life about what it is you love. If a dress is giving you those feelings, don't overcomplicate it for yourself. You do not have to say yes at your first appointment, but if you're lucky enough to find the one, give yourself permission to fall in love!


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