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10 Things We Love About Working At Miss Ruby

If you've visited our boutique you can definitely tell that we love our jobs! Working at a bridal boutique can be challenging and physically exhausting, but it is also super rewarding and so much fun.  And working for Miss Ruby makes it even more fun!  Here are some of the big reasons why we LOVE what we do & why we wouldn't want to work anywhere else!

1.  The BRIDES

To put it simply, our brides are AMAZING. We get to work with the sweetest, kindest, most inspiring, radiant, smartest, most interesting, loving women every day. It’s a pretty unique experience getting so close with our brides and their families and we are so grateful for it. Many of our brides come back with friends and family members so we get to see them for years to come. 

Miss Ruby Brides are the best!

Robyn Vining Photography
Robyn Vining Photography

2.  Our downtown Milwaukee location

WE LOVE MILWAUKEE! There is always something fun going on right outside our doors! We frequently walk across the river and have meetings at some of our favorite spots like Sweet Diner and Collectivo. The Public Market puts pretty much any lunch we could desire right at our fingertips, and The Milwaukee Ale House is the perfect spot to get together for dinner after a busy Saturday. Can you tell we love to eat?!

Pritzlaff Building Milwaukee
Photo: Michael Sears

3.  Being surrounded by all the gorgeous dresses

Duh! We have the most BEAUTIFUL work environment ever…and yes we do try on the dresses all the time!

MIlwaukee Bridal Wedding Dress Shop
Natural Intuition Photo

4. The opportunities

We may be a small business, but we dream big! We are constantly growing and creating new opportunities for new and current stylists. Aside from being expert stylists, many of our consultants also hold other positions at Miss Ruby such as Team and Community Outreach Leader and Logistics Leader. Working at Miss Ruby opens so many doors and offers so much experience in fashion, event planning, operations, leadership, and so much more. The sky is our limit!

5. Being able to express our personal styles

We do not stick to the traditional, all black bridal stylist uniform. We work in this industry because we love fashion, and Miss Ruby empowers us to express our own unique styles every day. We love that all of our consultants are so different and we celebrate that. As stylists, we want to empower our brides to be unapologetically themselves and find them a dress that reflects that. We try to do the same with our style and have fun while doing it.

Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Staff

6. Collaborating with other amazing vendors

We’ve already raved about Milwaukee, but have we mentioned the wedding industry that is thriving in our city?! We get the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with the most talented vendors in the business. We are frequently participating in photo shoots, fashion shows, wedding expos, and other fun events and get to work with the best hairstylists, florists, event planners, makeup artists, photographers, and other creatives. We are constantly inspired and grateful for the magic we get to create with them. If you are a Milwaukee bride, you are in great hands!

7. Giving back

One of Miss Ruby’s core values is to make our community and our world a better place. Giving back is so important to us because we truly do love our community so much. We have so much fun getting out of the boutique and volunteering at all kinds of different charities and events. We also hosted our first ever fashion show last winter, of which all of the proceeds benefited a local organization that empowers young girls.

Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Community

8. Our hilarious company culture

To say we have fun is an understatement. Our entire staff is so funny and we are constantly laughing. Whether it’s a sassy comment from Sadee, one of Sara’s impromptu jazz squares, or literally anything that comes out of Meredith’s mouth, there is never a dull moment. We try to catch some of it and share it on our Instagram stories, but that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. We have a super emotional job, so having a sense of humor is key for us.

Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Milwaukee Team Culture

9. Our team bonding activities

Oh you thought working together every day was enough for the Miss Ruby fam? Nope! Not only do we do super fun team bonding activities like bowling, yoga, and brunch; but we also get together outside of work all the time. We love getting drinks and dinner at our favorite local restaurants, going to Kylie’s to watch The Bachelor, and we even took a trip to Chicago together a couple weeks ago to celebrate Chanae’s bachelorette party. We really are a family, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Activities

10. Feeling empowered and inspired daily

I definitely saved the best and most important for last. Miss Ruby is the most empowering environment. We are constantly inspired by our owner Erin to chase our dreams and work hard for them. The women of Miss Ruby have a certain way of lifting you up and making you feel so proud of exactly who you are. This is why we do what we do. At the end of the day, the dresses are pretty, but it’s the impact we have on our brides and each other that is really our driving force. We are so lucky to work in an environment that fosters our growth and creativity and most importantly our individuality as women.


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