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Meet Robert Bullock Bride

Robert Bullock is the owner and lead designer of Robert Bullock Bride. With years of fashion and design experience, his career has been down many different pathways. All of them eventually led him into the bridal industry. Learn more about Robert by reading an overview of our conversation or watch the full video to learn all there is to know!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Robert grew up in Mississippi and spent a lot of time with his family as a child. He graduated high school early at the age of 17 and then moved to Atlanta to pursue his creative endeavors. This is Robert’s 40th year as a designer. He has worked in jewelry design, at a doll company, children's clothing, a hat milliner, women’s and men's ready wear and then finally bridal. He currently resides in Florida and has now been in the bridal industry for 26 years.

How did you get into the bridal industry?

Stephen Birnbaum and Robert Bullock started as great friends that were sharing a collaborative studio space and they were both frustrated with their current companies and pathways. They then decided to take on a project together and team up as co-designers. They put out an ad in the bridal section of the New York Times because they wanted to cater to women in big cities and brides whose styles weren’t always represented. They have since created their own lines and are both still working in the bridal industry. And fun fact… Robert Bullock Bride was Miss Ruby’s first bridal designer!

What are your favorite things about being a bridal designer?

Robert loves his brides. His target market is specific and he knows exactly what those brides love. But creatively he loves pushing the limits while creating new designs. He likes to stay in his own lane and put his own twists on trends. Robert is very meticulous about what trends he plays into.

What does a day in your life look like?

Robert starts his morning pretty early with his dog KiKi and a cup of coffee. Then he usually hits the gym. After that he starts his work day and he is usually busy with designing, brainstorming or photoshoots. In his free time, he loves to garden or go to the theatre.

What is your favorite food?

Robert is a pescatarian so fresh seafood is a staple in his home. He also loves to indulge in French food and he loves the fact that many European countries eat as an experience rather than eating on the go.

What do you do for self care?

Robert loves to read and treat himself to a massage or a nice glass of wine that he usually enjoys sharing with his 79 year old neighbor friend! They also like to go out to restaurants and drink martinis together. I shared with him that I love to relax by watching a show and that's when he admitted “I have to be honest with you I don’t own a TV”.

Who inspires you the most?

There is no one specific person that inspires Robert. He says anyone who is keeping it real and is true to themselves inspires him. He openly shared his journey with his mental health and how important it is to just be yourself, whether that is on social media or in the real world.

Do you have a favorite holiday or any fun holiday traditions?

His favorite holiday is Halloween and he loves the creativity of dressing up and decorating. He has always enjoyed handing out candy for trick or treaters. During the Christmas holiday season Robert enjoys participating in Friendsgiving celebrations, going to a movie on Christmas night, and driving around and looking at the lights. The more unique the decor the better for him!!

Out of all the dresses you have designed, which is your favorite?

His favorite dress is a custom gown that he created with a black silk, velvet mermaid skirt, with a satin black square neck top, with blue and black chiffon flowers. It was for a bride that was getting married in a castle in Scotland!

What is your favorite part about doing customizations to a gown?

He loves being able to make brides happy and if a change or a customizations make them happy, then he is excited to do it! He wants to make gowns that brides can’t wait to put on on their wedding day.

How have your designs changed over time?

They are classic with a modern twist. Robert is currently seeing trends coming back from the beginning of his time in bridal but he is changing the designs of gowns to have more of a modern touch. His gowns are always timeless and they are all about accentuating the bride!


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