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Women’s History Month: Why We’re Proud to be a Women-Owned Business

A Miss Ruby, we wear our pride as a women-owned and led business like a badge of honor, celebrating the strength, resilience, and creativity that women bring to the forefront of entrepreneurship! As a boutique founded by women, mother and daughter duo Erin and Pauline, we understand firsthand the unique challenges and triumphs that come with being women in business. From the early days of navigating the industry to the present, we've embraced our identity of woman empowerment with unwavering confidence!

Being a woman-owned and led business isn't just about representation; it's about creating a space where women feel seen, heard, and valued. From our carefully curated collections to the personalized service we provide, every aspect of Miss Ruby reflects our commitment to celebrating the beauty and diversity of womanhood. We take pride in fostering a supportive environment where women can thrive, whether it's through our team members who bring their unique talents to the table or our customers who trust us to help them find the perfect dress for their special day. At Miss Ruby, being women-owned isn't just a label – it's a testament to the power of sisterhood, collaboration, and the unwavering belief that together, we can achieve anything!

Our History as a Women-Led Business: 

Picture this: Erin, our amazing owner, on the hunt for her perfect wedding gown. But amidst the chaos of over-the-top designs, she craved something simple, elegant, and uniquely her. Frustrated by the lack of options, Erin teamed up with her mom, Pauline, and in 2007, they opened Miss Ruby Boutique. Their mission? To give Milwaukee brides an experience unlike any other – one filled with warmth, inclusivity, and, of course, stunning dresses.

But here's the twist: When Miss Ruby first opened its doors, it only sold bridesmaids' dresses. Yep, you read that right! It wasn't until later that they introduced their bridal collection, starting with just a small corner of the store. Talk about a glow-up!

Now, you might be wondering about the name. Miss Ruby isn't named after some fancy celebrity or historical figure. Nope, it's much simpler – it's Erin's love for the name Ruby, representing every strong, confident, and smart woman who walks through our doors.

What’s most important to Erin and Pauline as business owners? Erin and Pauline didn’t just seek to be the premier bridal boutique in Milwaukee, there’s a bigger picture. Erin created Miss Ruby to be a truly value-based business. At the forefront of her mind was making Miss Ruby an empowering space that she and others wanted to work in! Integrity, inclusivity, honoring  journeys, giving back, and sustainability aren't just buzzwords – they're the backbone of everything we do. From ethically sourced materials to supporting local causes and small businesses, we're all about making a positive impact! 

Keep reading to hear from some of the women of Miss Ruby! Their leadership is such a value to our women-led company!


Boutique Owner

How did you get your start in the bridal business?

"I always wanted to own a business that offered a positive work environment & that made a positive impact on the community. So, when I planned my wedding almost 20 years ago I saw such a need in the Milwaukee community for a warm, welcoming, fresh & new bridal boutique!   And, Miss Ruby was born!  I didn't have any money to get started or any bridal experience.  Yikes!  But I was scrappy & a self learner - and here we are today!"

Who has been your greatest influence in your career thus far?

"All of the women in my life have been my greatest influence!  From my mom & grandma, my sisters & friends, to my employees and other wedding vendors - they have all inspired & encouraged me in different ways. My mom, grandmother, & sisters have shown me that you really can achieve anything you put your mind to.  As women, we do many times have additional barriers to overcome, but I've been surrounded by passionate & strong women who have set examples for me, encouraged me, & supported me."

What advice do you have for aspiring women entrepreneurs?

"Let your "why" guide you in everything that you do!  As a value-based entrepreneur I have always wanted to make a positive impact on my team & my community.  Keeping focus on that guides me in all the decisions I make & gives what I do purpose every day."


Boutique Manager

Why are you proud to work for a women-owned business & what career insights have you learned thus far that would be helpful to others?

"Working for a women owned business is something I am so proud to be a part of. Everyone that identifies as a woman knows that there are a unique set of hurdles we are faced with & often times, we are left alone to figure out how to overcome those hurdles. Here at Miss Ruby Bridal, we are a united team of such strong women that are here to push each other, to lean on each other, and to grow from each other's learned & shared experiences. There is a sense of community that our boutique offers that is unlike any other space I've experienced & for that, I am so grateful. I am proud to be part of a business that's helped paved the path for other aspiring women in business. Working for a women owned business has taught me that if you have a dream, you also have the passion & resources to make it your reality."


Assistant Manager - Sales and Branding Outreach Coordinator

What's it like working for Miss Ruby, a women-owned business?

"Working for a woman-owned small business has always been a dream of mine. I always pictured myself working in a little boutique or in a salon setting over a typical corporate position. But I never really knew why that was my calling until I began work at Miss Ruby Bridal! Not only do I feel fulfilled in my day-to-day work at the bridal boutique, but I also feel fulfilled knowing that I am investing in someone's dream. Our owners Erin and Pauline have created such an incredible space for women to grow and thrive and it is an honor to be a part of it. Working in a business owned by women and run by women is so powerful and it feels so good to come to a space everyday where I know am supported, understood, wanted, and listened to. "

How did you get into the bridal industry?

"I began my journey in bridal not knowing it would become a deep passion of mine. I was post-grad, in the middle of a world pandemic in search of something that was going to make me feel like the work I was doing mattered. I stumbled upon the job opportunity at Miss Ruby Bridal and figured it could be a position that I could be successful! It was never something I necessarily imagined myself doing, but I was eager to try it! I became a part-time stylist at Miss Ruby and instantly fell in love with guiding brides and being a part of such special moments in their lives. Simultaneously I began to gain interest in all of the innerworkings of a small business and how we create such an intentional experience for our guests. I jumped around in many positions throughout my almost 3 years at the boutique and am currently in a position that I am so passionate about and the Assistant Manager - Sales and Branding Outreach Coordinator. Every day I get to work with stylists to improve our in-store experience, build our brand and work to strengthen our community relations. I continue to fall more in love with the work I get to do and the impact I am able to create, whether it's by helping a bride say yes to her gown, planning a successful event, training new stylists or volunteering in the community!"

Cheers to YOU!

Happy International Women's Day and Happy Women's History Month from all of us at Miss Ruby Bridal! We are so proud to be women-led & are grateful we get to connect with all the amazing & inspiring women that walk through our doors every day!


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