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Pride Month: Recap of Our Boutique's Celebrations

As we wrap up Pride Month here at Miss Ruby Bridal, we reflect on what acceptance and inclusion means to us and how we have honored that in this month and in our everyday business practices. Our mission here is simple - we’re an intentional space that welcomes, accepts & celebrates ALL individuals while creating authentic memories, unique to each guest. Your journey with us is SO much more than just finding the gown of your dreams. It’s about your love and all of the little moments that have brought you here! And to us, acceptance means that when you walk in our doors, please know you are welcomed and celebrated - no matter your size, the color of your skin, how you identify, who you love, we are so happy you’re here.

Milwaukee Pride Parade

This year we were the first bridal boutique in Milwaukee to walk in the annual Pride Parade. We are proud to be a leader in the industry by showing that there is positive, inclusive and welcoming change in the bridal industry.

photos provided by Maddie Mason

Pride Open House

This year we wanted to offer a space for brides and marriers that were a part of the LGBTQ+ community an additional celebration and opportunity to get to know our boutique and the experience we offer. We were able to chat with couples and learn how they envision the process of them finding their dress in a way that is unique to them! We also partnered with a local queer owned wedding planner, Veronica Rose Planning to extend the inclusive experience even further!

Sharing our PRIDE!

Rainbows, rainbows and more rainbows! We completely decked out our boutique with flags and decor. Our stylist, Molly even created a custom floral arrangement for our neon sign!

As we close out Pride Month 2024, we want to remember and recognize the brave and relentless efforts throughout the many years of fighting for equality. We still have so much work to do and we wont stop fighting until the entire world views the LGBTQ+ community with the amount of love and respect that they have always deserved.


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