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Meet The Miss Ruby Team

Once you begin the process of shopping for your bridal gown or bridesmaid dresses with us you'll be communicating with many of our team members. So we thought it's about time you get to know us a little better.  You'll see that our team is full of independent, strong, and unique women. We love our little Miss Ruby family and hope you enjoy getting to know us better.  And we look forward to getting to know you too!


Erin Owner of Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique

Our owner and fearless leader. Not only does Erin inspire us all daily because she is a literal BOSS and built Miss Ruby from the ground up, but she also rocks the “crunchy” lifestyle. She is a feminist, outdoor enthusiast, and essential oil connoisseur that is going to single handedly rid the world of disposable plastic water bottles. Let’s just say that the world is a better place with her on it.


Pauline Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique

Sweet Pauline! You won’t see her around the boutique very often because she is pretty busy between taking care of behind the scenes Miss Ruby business and biking across Europe. Seriously, this lady is pretty awesome. She is Erin’s mom and the other owner and founder of Miss Ruby. We love it when she stops by the boutique, plus she makes the best Gluten Free cookies you’ve ever tried.


Sara Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique

That’s me! The craziness behind most of the blogs and Instagram stories you see from Miss Ruby. I’m currently living out my dream, being surrounded by beautiful dresses and other boss babes every day. I’m also a bride! I’m engaged to my high school sweetheart, Marquis who is an Officer in the Army! Could our jobs be any more opposite?? I love coffee, snow, Beyoncé, impromptu dancing, and Culvers. I don’t take life too seriously and try to find joy in all the “normal” moments of my day.


Grace Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique

Sales Manager extraordinaire! Grace is the fire and passion behind Miss Ruby. She loves the bridal industry even more than she loves coffee…and that’s a lot! When she’s not busy making bride’s dreams come true and empowering the Miss Ruby Team, she is running her fitness and lifestyle brand with her husband Jake. Pro Tip: the way to her heart is to ask her about her two Pitbull children, Stella and Ruby. You won’t be sorry, they are ADORABLE.


Sadee Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique

We call her our “Sour Patch Kid”. She is strong and sometimes sassy, but has the biggest heart of gold. She is passionate about many things and an advocate for what she believes in, a trait we all admire. Sadee is also completely hilarious and makes us laugh on the daily. She is an extremely talented artist as well and is going to be an art therapist! Doesn’t she sound like the coolest? She is!


Meg Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique

Our in house nurse, therapist, life coach, masseuse, and gal pal. Meg is wise WAY beyond her years and is the best person to talk through anything with. She has the most calming and reassuring vibe about her and she gives the BEST advice. She has a heart for helping others that suites her both as a bridal consultant and a nurse. She also has the prettiest hair you’ve ever seen.


Kylie Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique

What’s not to love about Kylie?! She’s super smart and stylish. She has great taste and makes us all jealous of her “minimalist” style. She loves to travel and explore both around the world and around Milwaukee and she’s always down to do anything fun. Her boyfriend, Aidan and her puppy, Giannis are also fan faves around the boutique.


Meredith Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique

Marquette brought Meredith to Milwaukee from Michigan and we are so lucky that it did!!! Her energy is infectious and will put any body in a good mood. Meredith celebrates with her brides like she just found her own wedding dress and that excitement can be felt by everyone around. Her wardrobe is actual goals and makes us all want to hire her as our personal stylist. Her favorite things include the Bee Sting Latte from Anodyne Coffee and Shawn Mendes. Everything is better when Meredith is around.


Hannah Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique

Hannah can do anything she sets her mind to! She is a go-getter and also gives the best hugs. She is the queen of accessories and can perfectly complete every bridal look down to the smallest detail. She gets the perfect tan after being in the sun for like 2 minutes and makes a gorgeous bridal gown model when we need her to try on dresses around the boutique. She’s actually a proud science nerd and her husband is a published author! She also loves all children and babies and even babysits for one of our designers in her free time.


Chanae Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique

The sweetest, warmest human being ever. Chanae is a Miss Bride that we loved so much when she was in store buying her dress that we just had to have her join the team. Our lives have all been better ever since! She can wear nail polish colors that nobody else could pull off and her smile is literal sunshine. She has the best fiancé who is also an incredible photographer that we have had the pleasure of working with as well. She is getting married this summer and having a BRUNCH WEDDING. What a dream!


Lauren Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique

Our newest member of the Miss Ruby Family! Lauren is so sweet, but also has the funniest sense of humor. She loves bagels and her adorable little fluffy dog, Sadie. She lived in Spain for two years while she was studying musical theater and is new to the Milwaukee area! If you see her around, be sure to welcome her to Milwaukee, but be careful not to get lost in her amazing blue-green eyes!


Emily Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique

Our sparkle QUEEEEEN! Emily is also new to our family but she has already made the biggest impact on us in such a short time! We loved her from the first moment we met her when she told us that she “loves Coco Chanel because she taught women to dress for themselves and not men”. She reminds us all that we deserve a little sparkle and to not be afraid to own it! Her dream is to be a fashion designer in New York and we can’t wait to see her crush that dream!


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