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Get to Know the Miss Ruby Team!

Get to know the iconic girl gang making wedding dreams come true! Who is engaged? Who is our fave dog mom? Who is Miss West Allis? Let's find out!


Owner, leader, feminist, amazing mom, adventurer, icon- what can she not do? Needless to say, Erin is a huge inspiration to all of the young women on our team. We have this incredible woman to thank for building Miss Ruby into the place it is today. She is literally #bossbabe goals.


Meet the other half of our favorite mother-daughter duo! You won't see Pauline hanging around the boutique too often, because she's the mastermind behind a lot of our behind-the-scenes work! As the other owner/founder of Miss Ruby, we are so lucky to have Pauline. Other things she loves include biking and making the ultimate gluten free cookie. Yep, she's pretty amazing!


Meet our Sales Manager, Sadee! Sadee knows how to be strong, fierce, and independent, all on her own terms. She also has the warmest heart you'll ever find. Besides training the girls at Miss Ruby to help brides find their dream dress, she's a personal icon to everyone on the staff. No one can possibly match the passion and fire this girl has, and her ability to stand strongly for the things she believes in. Aside from bridal, she's also an insanely talented artist. Just be careful not to look at her engagement ring too closely- the sparkle might blind you!


As the Operations Manager here at Miss Ruby, just about every bride is lucky enough to get a chance to talk to Chanae. A true ray of sunshine, Chanae came to us originally as a bride, and hasn't left since! Her organization, warmth, and overall amazingness make each day better than the last.


Meg is everyone's life coach and wellness guru. If anyone on the staff ever needs comfort, advice, or just a nice deep chat, Meg is our girl! Meg is also a full-time nurse, so we only get her on some days off, and we're so lucky when we do! She has a calming and peaceful presence that we and our brides just adore about her.


Hannah is our fun, loving, and driven Sales Assistant. Once Hannah sets her mind to something, nothing can stop her. She is also the accessories queen around the boutique and is an absolute genius with completing a bridal look. Besides her bridal interests, she is a total science nerd, loves an iced coffee, and enjoys spending time with her puppy, Milo!


That's me! I'm one half of the social media & marketing team that's behind the craziness of our blogs, newsletters, and Instagram content. I also help out with the community outreach programs we love to be involved with! When I'm not at the boutique, I love spending time with my puppy Sadie, watching any movie with Grace Kelly in it, baking muffins, tap dancing, and traveling.


There is no one with as much life and spunk in her as Glo. Glo has the incredible ability to connect with every bride as though they've been best friends for years. She also has an unreal sense of humor and keeps all of us laughing every day. Besides being an incredible Bridal Stylist, Glo also is the leader of our Diversity Taskforce, and is responsible for making sure we're always up to date on inclusivity and staying educated. You might recognize her with a tiara, she's also Miss West Allis!


Two words: style icon. Liliana is one of the trendiest people and the ultimate cool girl. She's our resident bridesmaid queen, and can make a gorgeous palette at the snap of her fingers. If you don't already want to be her best friend- she also speaks Italian, is an amazing musician, and can rock a pair of bell bottoms unlike any other.

Hannah Claire

What can't this girl do? Photography, drawing, poetry, modeling, music- she's mastered them all! Not to mention she can pull off a boho dress like she came straight out of a Taylor Swift music video. Hannah Claire is so dedicated to every bride throughout the entire process and makes sure every single one feels taken care of. We're all lucky to call her a friend as well as a coworker!


Good luck not falling in love with Luisa! Luisa is another bride-turned-stylist and we are so glad she joined our team. She's always down to throw on a dress (and looks completely gorgeous in every single one), making her our absolute favorite in-store model. Her dogs, Champ and Kona, are also fan faves around the boutique. She loves a good workout and is total #gymgoals. We're all hoping she takes us on a trip to El Salvador sometime soon!


We all want Regan as a gal pal. She came to Milwaukee from Michigan, but before coming here, she lived in New York City for a while and studied at the Broadway Dance Center! (Cue all our Sex In The City reaction gifs). She has also studied business and marketing, runs an Etsy for hand-made earrings, and is so multifaceted. Don't get us wrong though- she's also incredibly humble, kind, and hilarious. We love her so matcha (more than she loves matcha!).


Kim is the newest member of our team! She originally came to us as a model and fell in love with this world of pretty dresses and beautiful brides. Besides being a rockstar Bridal Stylist, she is also the other half of our social media & marketing duo, so you might see her hanging around on our Instagram stories! Her wardrobe is actual goals and she is also an amazing singer. This girl's energy and positivity are infectious!


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