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Wedding Dress Myths, Busted!

If Say Yes To The Dress and Mythbusters ever had a crossover, this would be it! Let's face it, wedding planning is hard enough without these super common myths holding you back from saying yes to "the one." To help you out, we're going to pull back the curtain and address some of the biggest misconceptions floating around about wedding dresses.

Myth: Wedding dresses have to be white.

We can thank Queen Victoria for this one. A couple hundred years ago, white wedding dresses were actually unheard of! Our girl Vicky chose to be married in a white lace number, and her marriage happened to align with the rise of photography - which led to a huge boom of white wedding dresses.

Wedding Dress Myths

The truth: Most wedding dresses are not white. You might get some skeptical looks from your grandma when you tell her you're not wearing a bright white ballgown, but it's pretty rare that anyone does! Most designers will only go as bright as "ivory," which has a white appearance, but is much softer for photos. If your color is too bright, you'll get wedding photos with a blue hue. Besides ivory, designers have come out with so many other romantic colors, like mocha, cashmere, champagne, and more! Your dress does not have to be bright white to be bridal.

Myth: You need sparkle, lace, and detail to make a statement.

After all, a simple gown without embellishments is just plain and boring, right? Wrong.

Wedding Dress FAQs

The truth: You can make a massive statement in a fitted satin gown. Glamour can, but doesn't always, mean heavy beading! In addition to the dress being a knockout on it's own, clean dresses give you infinite possibilities to accessorize. Whip our the drop earrings and the cathedral veil, and you've got a glamorous look that will never go our of style. This is one of those special moments where you'll want to trust your stylist if she pulls a wildcard into your fitting room - there's a method to the madness!

Myth: Your dress will fit perfectly once it arrives in your size.

Your stylist will usually take your bust, waist, and hip measurements before ordering. So why would it not fit perfectly when it comes in?

Miss Ruby Bridal Shopping Experience

The truth: Sizing is one of the most confusing parts of shopping for many brides! Odds are, the sample in store won't be your exact size. Your stylist will take your measurements after you say yes and recommend you a size. However, it's based on a standard size chart - and no woman's body fits into a standard size perfectly. Everyone will need alterations when their dress comes in, and it's nothing to be afraid of!

(Note: select designers do offer custom sizing, but alterations are still to be expected.)

Myth: Reordering is superior to off-the-rack purchases.

There should be zero stigma about purchasing a dress off-the-rack! Who knows how this myth started, but it couldn't be father from the truth.

Miss Ruby Bridal Wedding Gown Looks

The truth: Buying off-the-rack is perfectly common, and has so many advantages! For starters, the discounts are unreal. Wedding dress prices are steep, so it's important to remember you're purchasing a big-ticket luxury good. But if you could find that good for 50% off, even better! Reordering a dress can also take up to 8 months, without factoring in alteration time, so if your wedding has a quicker turnaround, this is an amazing option. Miss Ruby proudly is able to sell just about any dress as a reorder, or off-the-rack, so options are endless!

Myth: No matter what, you have to "sleep on it" before committing to a dress.

"Especially if you don't cry! How can you know it's "the one" after only 90 minutes?"

Bridal Gown outside

The truth: TV can make it seem like there needs to be a huge outburst of tears when you find the perfect dress, but that's truly pretty rare. You may feel indecisive, but by the time you get to that final dress, you've already made so many decisions and ruled everything else out. This is just one final decision, which you're perfectly capable of making! Your sense of style is true and eternal, and "sleeping on it" won't change what you love. Besides, who wants to waste the perfect opportunity to pop champagne with all your important people?! You've done all the hard work up until that point, and you deserve to relax and celebrate!

Myth: You have to see every possible option before saying yes.

It's a real obstacle for a lot of brides to be able to commit while still wondering what else is out there.

Fashion Bridal Gown Outside

The truth: It's physically impossible to see every dress in the world before committing. Most brides find their dress within the first 10 they try on, and it's usually at the first and only store they visit (sometimes even the first dress they try on!). In your appointment, you'll try every style, every fit, and everything you're curious about. This is done so that you feel completely secure in your decision by the end of the appointment. Most stores will carry a large variety of styles, so as long as you are open to trying different options on, you shouldn't feel the need to wonder at all!

Lastly, your stylist is only there to sell you a dress.

We're not your every day salespeople!

Bridal Gown Shopping at Miss Ruby

The truth: Although we do this professionally, we're here to do more than just sell you a dress! We're here to empower you to feel your absolute most confident. Think of us as your ultimate hype women, who you also go to for fashion advice on this monumental day. We are always on Team Bride, and we can't wait to meet you and help you find your dream dress.

Bridal Gown Model

It's totally normal to have these thoughts and concerns on your mind when you start wedding dress shopping. Whatever you're feeling apprehensive about, let your stylist know! We're here to help you through all those little roadblocks, and empower you to feel confident in saying yes.


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