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What does buying a wedding dress "off the rack" mean?

Buying a gown "off the rack" is a great idea for many brides! Buying a dress off the rack means you are buying a dress that is aisle-ready. The standard procedure for ordering a wedding gown is a little different. Once you find the dress of your dreams, your stylist will take your measurements and order you a whole new gown, close to your size. This process can take 4-8 months depending on the designer and when you decide to order. This is not the case when it comes to buying a gown off the rack! Buying off the rack means you'll be taking your dress home with you that same day. Yaaay! The dress you try on in the store could be the very same one you get to say "I do" in! There a lot of great reasons to buy a gown off the rack, and here are just a few of them!

Got a short wedding timeline? No problem!

Like we mentioned, wedding gowns are made-to-order, and typically take about 6 months to arrive in the boutique. After the dress arrives, you'll need alterations, which can be an additional 2-4 months. When you fall in love with a dress off the rack, you don't have to wait those pesky 6 months! You can schedule your appointment with your seamstress right away. This makes it super helpful for any bride with a shorter engagement. (P.S. This is also perfect for brides that have a longer engagement length, but just don't want to wait!)

All the discounts!

Purchase your dress off the rack and you'll save $$! Most dresses are at least 10% off the reorder price when purchased off the rack. If you have a strict budget and a clear vision, this is a great way to fulfill your dress dreams. Miss Ruby also has a monthly aisle-ready sale, during which additional discounts are also applied to off the rack dresses.

You know exactly how it will fit.

When we reorder gowns for our brides, we take a standard bust/waist/hip measurement to order the size that will fit them best. This works really well, but if you're skeptical about ordering a dress in a size you've never tried on before, buying off the rack will eliminate that stress! When buying off the rack, what you see is what you get. Your consultant can walk you through the specific alterations you'll need to make that dress fit like a glove.

You're going to need alterations anyway.

Yes, even if you reorder! While we do reorder dresses that are close to the bride's measurements, every bride has a different body, so every dress will need to be altered in one way or another. If you want to cut out the middle step of waiting for the dress to come before getting those alterations done, buying off the rack is a great option.

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