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The Ultimate Wedding Dress Fabric Guide

There are so many different factors to take into consideration when deciding on your perfect wedding dress. While we believe it ultimately comes down to how you feel in your dress, deciding on a fabric can often help narrow down your options. Fabrics can seem foreign, daunting, and easily overwhelming, but fret not! We have created this helpful fabric guide to help our soon-to-be Miss Ruby Brides decide which fabric is right for them. It’s important to remember that these are just suggestions, and it’s always helpful to try a variety of dresses in order to decide which one is truly the one for you!

Elegant and Vintage - Satin

Satin is an undeniable staple of the wedding dress industry, and a favorite of our Miss Ruby brides! It’s a go-to fabric for brides that want structure and drama. Satin is smooth, soft, and shiny, and is extremely versatile- it looks beautiful in both glamorous ball gowns, like 2243 by Mikaella, or sexy fitted dresses, like Veronica by Robert Bullock. Because of its heavy material, satin is also a great choice for weddings during the winter months. Not to mention, the shiny fabric looks stunning against a snowy backdrop or an elegant cathedral- the possibilities are endless!

Elegant and Vintage Satin Wedding Dress
Satin Wedding Dress

Flowy and Comfortable - Chiffon

Looking for the perfect dress fabric that would flow with the sea breeze during your beach ceremony? Look no further! Chiffon is an effortlessly breathtaking fabric that drapes in all the right ways. It’s a sheer, light-weight fabric that is ideal for garden weddings, beach weddings, and to be honest- any wedding! You can add a bit of glam with the high slit on Andrews by Jenny Yoo, or keep things romantic and detailed with the lace bodice on Callie by Jenny Yoo.

Chiffon Wedding Dress
Chiffon Wedding Gown

Romantic and Boho - Lace

From soft dainty patterns to thick floral appliques, the unquestionable fact about lace is that it is totally romantic. Lace adds depth and texture to any wedding look. For a bold, daring look, try Betty by Zavana. For a more delicate look, Devany by Ti Adora is absolutely alluring. Regardless of which style of lace you choose, there is no question that this fabric is full of romance.

Boho Lace Wedding Dress
Lace Wedding Dress

Dreamy and Light - Organza

Organza has a crisp texture that allows it to hold it’s shape, but is still light as a feather! This combo creates a beautiful and dreamy silhouette that our brides love. Organza makes for a high-fashion look in Keagan by Enzoani, and keeps things flirty when combined with lace sleeves on Valentina by Jenny Yoo.

Organza Wedding Dress
Organza Wedding Gown

Whimsical and Playful - Tulle

Tulle is as girly and glamorous as it gets! Tulle can be played up by adding some lace, horsehair, or sparkle. If you’re going for an extra glam look, glitter tulle is also a thing and it is definitely eye-catching. Our dresses Maisie and Joelle, both by WTOO, feature tulle in different, equally gorgeous ways. The charm of tulle is that it can be boho, princessy, or glitzy. There’s no wrong way to wear this fabric!

Tulle Wedding Dress
Tulle Wedding Gown

Chic and Timeless - Crepe

Crepe is a favorite of our brides, our designers, and our staff! Crepe is minimalist and sleek. It clings to the figure, which is perfect for brides who want to flaunt their features! Make no mistake, as minimalist as crepe can be, it will absolutely make a statement. Our gown 2250 by Mikaella is proof of that, with a stunning lace back that is to die for. If you’re looking to really stand out, try a gown like Maddox by Madi Lane, with all the one-shoulder drama a girl could hope for.

Crepe Wedding Dress
Crepe Wedding Gown


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