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Songs to Walk Down The Aisle To

Many couples spend a lot of time trying to decide on their first dance song, but choosing the music for your ceremony can be just as crucial! The song you choose to walk down the aisle to doesn’t just set the tone for your big “I do” moment, but also reflects the extraordinary bond you and your partner have built. Below are a few of our favorite tear-inducing love songs that will definitely give all your guests goosebumps.

Simply The Best - Noah Reid

Simply The Best, made famous by Tina Turner in 1989, is ~simply~ one of the most heartwarming and heart-pounding love songs written. An acoustic version by musician and actor Noah Reid brought the song back to popularity in 2019. This song is ideal for the bride that resembles the rhythm: energetic, vibrant, and different. The lyrics are the definition of timeless romance. The best part? After using an acoustic version for your entrance, you can definitely make your big exit to Tina Turner’s original upbeat track.

Moon River - Henry Mancini

If you’re a couple with a love for classic cinema, Moon River is a beautiful choice for you. Sung during a small but iconic scene in the classic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Moon River allows viewers a peek behind Audrey Hepburn’s big-city facade in an intimate moment as she sings the song from the fire escape of her apartment. Moon River is a love song of wanderlust.

La Vie En Rose - Edith Piaf

Picture this: a black and white film, featuring a couple dreamily twirling atop the Eiffel Tower. The song you probably hear playing in your head to this scene is La Vie En Rose. La Vie En Rose loosely translates to “Life in Rosy Hues.” This sweet ballad is the epitome of dreamy Parisian love. The song was written to be a hymn to a romance so beautiful that the singer forgets any “les ennuis, les chagrins” (weariness and grief). As lovely as the lyrics are, it also makes for an amazing instrumental piece, especially as a piano/cello duet!

Ave Maria - Beyonce

It’s impossible to not love Beyonce. Beyonce’s arrangement of Ave Maria is perfect for the modern bride who wants something a little more current for her big entrance. Queen Bey said that her interpretation of the song was inspired by her real-life love for Jay-Z, and she actually walked down the aisle at her own wedding to the original Schubert arrangement of Ave Maria. This song is timeless, with an emotionally vulnerable and contemporary twist.

Canon in D - Pachelbel

This piece takes us way back to the 17th century. If you’re more of a traditional bride, Pachelbel’s Canon is a tried and true favorite in the wedding world. Something about classical chamber songs provides elegance like no other. The tranquil chord progression and melody in the soft strings evoke so much emotion, and make for a serene and gorgeous entrance.


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