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How to Celebrate Your Original Date When Your Wedding Has Been Postponed

With social distancing currently still in effect, many of our lovely Miss Ruby brides have had to make the difficult decision to postpone their weddings. While this time is full of uncertainty, we’d like to offer some joy and cheer to any couples who have had to make that tough decision. Here are some fun and creative ways to mark your would-be celebration date if your wedding has been postponed!

1. Bake Your Own Wedding Cake- Or Just Eat One!

Let’s face it, wearing matching, flour-covered aprons with the love of your life is something out of a Hallmark movie! There are few things cuter than baking together as a couple. It may not be the catered perfection you’ve been waiting for, but picking out a sugary recipe for you and your partner to try is a super sweet way to reward yourselves for the stress of wedding planning and re-planning. Or, if baking isn’t your niche, try supporting a local restaurant with ordering a special dessert for pickup or delivery!

Engaged couple

2. Plan Your Honeymoon Again

With the big day postponed, it’s no surprise that everything following it will need to shift around slightly too. This could be a blessing in disguise, for anyone who enjoys a little extra planning time! This is the perfect opportunity to look into what adventures and activities your chosen Honeymoon destination has to offer. Researching it as a couple is the perfect way to spark up excitement about the future, and give you plenty of time to get emotionally prepared for that skydiving activity your partner is dying to do on the trip!

Couple on honeymoon

3. Dress Up Together

Whether you choose to wear your whole wedding attire, or throw your veil on with your pajamas, this is the perfect time to get dressed up. If you choose to video call with any loved ones, you can have them get in on the fun and dress up too! Nothing marks a special occasion quite like getting dressy.

Bride to Be

4. Experiment With Making Your Own Signature Cocktail

Whether you considered having a signature drink for your wedding or not, it could be fun to try your hand at creating your own celebratory cocktail! If your creative juices aren’t flowing- no worries! Just grab a bottle of champagne (or two) and toast to spending this time, and the rest of your lives, together.

Wedding Cocktail Signature drink

5. Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Rewatch the first movie you saw together, eat the meal from your first date, read each other love letters, browse old photos, and end the night with a song you love dancing to together. It’s the perfect way to reminisce about the love you’ve created, and stay cheerful and excited for the future.

Couple holding hands

No matter what the future holds or how far out you had to reschedule your magical day for, rest assured that your Miss Ruby family is here to support you completely!


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