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Your Guide to All Things Wedding Accessories

Accessories are everything - Bridal accessories are a must for every bride. It's amazing how even just one accessory can add to your overall look, making you look and feel even more like the bride you envisioned yourself to be! If you’ve already said yes to your bridal attire but haven’t decided what else to wear with it, you’ve come to the right place. 


We’ll start with the basics - the veil. It can be easy to get caught up in the lingo of veils, making things a little more confusing. Should you go with fingertip, cathedral, waltz, or elbow? Long, short? Or no veil at all? Lace detail, beading, or just plain? These questions are great starting points when you’re trying to choose a veil for your wedding day. You want your veil to add to your overall look, not distract or take away from you. Your stylist will help to guide you to the perfect veil to complete your bridal vision - ​​details like sparkle, pearls, and lace are available on just about every length of veil to add an extra touch of drama. Some designers even make matching veils that are made to be styled with specific gowns like Madi Lane! These veils typically have matching embellishments or lace that go with the dress they're made to be with.


Now onto jewelry! There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to what jewelry to wear depending on what style of dress you end up choosing. Typically most brides like to try and match metals - so whatever the color of your engagement ring is, it’s always a safe bet that the same color for earrings, bracelets & necklaces will look lovely together. Again, there’s no rules here! So if you love a sparkly pair of silver earrings and you have a yellow gold engagement ring - I say go for it! Mixing metals is totally in! As for what to pick, your stylist will be right there along with you helping pick out the perfect touches that will compliment your bridal look! Jewelry can be so personal so don’t feel like you need to choose anything that you wouldn’t pick out for yourself for any other kind of special occasion. If you typically wear super light and simple earrings, wearing very heavy and detailed ones might make you not feel like yourself. We have a little bit of everything for everyone in store!

Gloves, Sleeves & Bows (Oh My!)

Let’s move on to some more trending pieces. Detached sleeves are a simple, easy way to completely change up your look! Some gowns even come with sleeves that already match the gown or you can get very subtle sleeves like plain tulle or scattered pearls to add some detail to a simple dress. Gloves have been trending up for the past couple of years and we just love them! They add such a fun yet classic vibe to your bridal look. Bows are another newer trend we’ve been seeing in accessories - Bows in the hair, on the veil, bow earrings...the possibilities are endless on where you can add a sweet little bow! Designer's have also started adding bows onto the actual gowns too so if you're looking for a drama moment, we got you covered.


Speaking of drama ... let's explore some capes! Designer Jenny Yoo has come out with a few cape accessories in her most recent collection and they're just to die for! If a veil just isn't your cup of tea or if you're looking for something unique to you, a cape is a complete showstopper. They have the ability to add a soft, feminine touch of whimsy or a bold statement to your whole bridal look! Capes are also an essential if you are going for a 2-in-1 kind of look. It totally transforms your bridal outfit from day to night! The possibilities are endless - you can match the fabrics for a very chic and simple vibe or ramp up the details with floral touches!

When is a Good Time to Shop?

Great question! Most made-to-order accessories take anywhere from 2 to 5 months to be made and delivered to us. An amazing time to browse and find you accessories with us is during your bridal pick-up appointment! You'll get to try on the gown you ordered from us and shop the best accessories hand-selected by your stylist to finalize your whole look. Another great time to shop for accessories is during our Bling & Bubbly event! We have this event coming up in the next month or so - visit our Upcoming Events page for more details and deals. During Bling & Bubbly you'll shop with an expert stylist to put the finishing touches on your bridal look with exclusive jewelry, hair accessories, capes, veils, bridal sleeves, gloves & more. It's also a perfect time to shop our Little White Dress collection for all those special events leading up to the big day.  Bubbly & treats will be served of course! You can book your Bling & Bubbly appointment with us here!


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