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Simple Sustainability Tips When it comes to your Bridal Gown!

In honor of this lovely Earth Month, we want to celebrate all things sustainable and give you an easy little guide to getting you one step closer to a more eco-friendly wedding! In this edition, we'll be talking about bridal gowns specifically and the choices you can make with them to lower your carbon footprint & create a new purpose for them when your wedding day has come and gone!

Say Yes to an Aisle-Ready Dress! 

You may be wondering; What is an aisle ready gown? It’s honestly kind of like thrifting! These are styles we have on hand that can be taken home the same day you shop with us. These gowns can be altered to fit like a glove for your big day! We take great care of the gowns in our boutique by completing repairs and professionally cleaning our gowns when needed. All of these efforts are made with the goal that every gown we bring to our boutique can one day walk down the aisle! With taking a gown home with you, no new dress is being made which means a lower carbon footprint. Nothing has to get shipped internationally and no new production has to take place! Does an aisle-ready gown sound perfect for you? Check out our curated collection of Aisle-Ready gowns!

Save Your Fabric & Up-Cycle! 

This is where your creativity can shine through! There is SO much you can do with your gown after the big day and even before with fabric scraps from the alterations process. If you have leftover lace from the hem of your gown, you can wrap it around your bouquet for an easy DIY. If you have a sewing machine handy, you can make your own bridal scrunchies or hair bows to wear when you’re getting ready in the morning of the big day! The possibilities are endless and the more use you get out of your gown & the leftover fabric scraps, the less ends up in landfills! We’ve seen brides getting pretty creative with their gowns after the wedding too - someone even made their gown into a skirt for their Christmas tree to reuse every year! If you’re not a DIY type of person and would rather collaborate with a seamstress to breathe new life into your gown after your wedding, talk to Andrea from R. House Custom Alterations! Andrea specializes not only in the standard alterations from bridal gowns but she also has a passion for up-cycling projects!

Choose local! 

Let's chat about sustainable bridal designers that you can find right here at Miss Ruby. Alyssa Kristin grew up right here in Wisconsin and all of her gowns are handmade in her Chicago studio! Every gown is cut to order which prevents unnecessary waste and ships in eco-friendly packaging. Although not local to the Midwest, Loulette Bride is another designer who makes all of their gowns in their studio based out of Brooklyn, NY! Sustainability is also a part of their core values at Loulette Bride. These gowns are designed using recycled poly linings and natural fabrics. Plus, every bride that purchases a Loulette gown has a tree planted in their name through the organization One Tree Planted!

Every opportunity we choose to go green helps make a difference and impacts our community in ways we might not even see. Whether you are newly engaged or just a few months out from your big day there are easy, fun & creative ways to be sustainable!


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