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Madly in Love With Madi Lane Bridal

With the arrival of our new Fall 2019 wedding dresses comes a very special collection that is new to the Miss Ruby family. We fell in love with Madi Lane Bridal last March when we were walking through National Bridal Market and could not help but be drawn in by a booth full of incredible couture looking gowns, minimal boho branding, and some very alluring Australian accents. Now some collections look amazing on the rack, but don’t live up to the hype once you really get to feel the fabrics and learn about the brand. This was not the case with Madi Lane. The further we dove into this collection the further in love we fell with it. From the buttery fabrics, to the unique appliques and incredible fit and structure we just had to have it! We curated a collection that we knew the Miss Ruby Bride would love and patiently waited while our beautiful dresses were made and delivered. We’ve now had the collection for a couple weeks and it’s just as dreamy as we remember! Each dress is unique but also so bridal—just like our brides!

Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Brides

Madi Lane is designed in Australia (love that!) by Elizabeth Young. The brand strives to emulate the strength and unique qualities of the women that wear their gowns. Madi Lane brides are unapologetically themselves and don’t follow anyone’s rules or traditions. Madi Lane describes their dresses as “aspirational and attainable”.

Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Bride Wedding Gowns

The gowns bring exquisite fabrics and details to a look that any bride would be proud to rock on the most important day of her life. Miss Ruby brides always want to make sure that they not only look amazing, but they also feel amazing. The lining fabrics on Madi Lane gowns are softer than almost any other designer we’ve seen and will leave you feeling like you never want to take it off. If you’re looking for a gown that exemplifies your personality and the unique story behind the love you are celebrating…you just might be a Madi Lane bride!

Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Wedding Gown Brides

You know a collection is really great when the Miss Ruby team can’t stop trying it on! We have had so much fun playing with these gowns and are so excited to see them on our brides! Want to know the best part? Madi Lane’s exceptional fit is perfect for brides of all shapes, sizes, and situations and as a brand they champion inclusivity. All things that make them fit perfectly into our Miss Ruby Family.


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