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Decades: 1930's-Inspired Wedding Dresses

It's officially the centennial of the Roaring 20's, one of the most influential periods for fashion around the globe! What might have been even more groundbreaking is what occurred right after. The 1930's were the boom of haute couture and so many fashion brands we all know and love (think: Coco Chanel). If you're a fashionista bride with a delightfully vintage vision for your wedding, get ready to fall in love with these 1930's-inspired wedding dresses.

Hello, slip dresses!

The silhouette that became popular in the 1930's consisted of an elongated torso, simple lines, and a soft and subtle flare. This decade introduced the bias cut, which hugged all the natural curves that didn't get enough love in the 1920's! The government also urged designers to cut down fabric consumption by 15% by the 1940's, so these simple, sleek dresses were ideal. Beale and Marnie by Jenny Yoo accomplish this slinky and sophisticated look perfectly.

(Jenny Yoo Beale) (Delinator, 1932) (Jenny Yoo Marnie)

All the prints!

Polka dots, plaid, animal prints, and abstract designs were essential to day-dresses in the 1930's! Designers of the 30's loved to experiment with different patterns, and sometimes even collaborated with artists to create their pieces. While most people don't want a wedding dress with Salvador Dali print on it, Adley by Madi Lane has a modern take on the idea of romantic, abstract patterns.

(Madi Lane Adley)

Enter, Joan Crawford.

Okay, not just Joan Crawford. There were about a million fashion icons during this period (don't forget- Hollywood was booming at this point too!). This was the first time in American history where fashion and Hollywood were really colliding. Suddenly, everyone wanted to look and dress like their favorite movie stars! Glamour was becoming accessible. This isn't something that's changed over the years, everyone still gets fashion inspo from their fave celebs, but Joan Crawford was the instigator. The phenomenon really started with this amazingly frilly gown she wore in her film "Letty Lynton" in 1932. Check out Ivan by Enzoani for a much cuter, modern take on the Hollywood frill.

(Enzoani Ivan) (Joan Crawford, 1932)

Everyone's favorite accessory.

No one was seen without a fur when going out in the 30's. The furs back then might have been a little more exotic (not many people want to wear Monkey fur on their big day), but this is an accessory that has stood the test of time! They're most popular for winter weddings. Pro-tip, furs are also majorly adorable for your wedding party!

The 1930's as a whole were an amazing, revolutionary time for fashion. Not only did it give us amazing designers that are still popular to this day, but some designs that will truly never go out of style. If you want to feel vintage, couture, and chic on your day, you can't overlook inspo from this decade!


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