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Who to Bring Wedding Dress Shopping

There's no doubt that wedding dress shopping is one of the most special parts of wedding planning. Often times, brides want to share that magical moment with everyone close to them. However, it can get tricky juggling 10+ different opinions all at once. Your mom wants you to have a princess ballgown moment, your maid of honor is convinced sexy lace is your style, your nieces are running in and out of the racks, your grandma can't imagine you in anything other than bright white, and your sister in law is texting in the corner. While dress shopping is an amazingly fun process, it can get overwhelming even before all these additional factors. So, who do you invite to join you for this huge moment?

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First thing's first: Who do you want to bring?

There are no rules about who you can or cannot bring to your appointment. Who makes you feel confident, empowered, and decisive? Who is so special to you that you can't imagine saying yes without them there? Those are the people you need by your side, whether they're family members, close friends, or a total wildcard. You're not obligated to invite anyone that makes you feel like less than a million bucks.

Don't overdo it!

Just because you can bring a lot of guests with you, doesn't mean you have to! Like we mentioned earlier, it will get very overwhelming very quickly. Even with the most supportive groups, too many guests can add an additional layer of pressure and stress to the bride. You'll also want to contact your store of choice and double-check their guest limits before you invite your people. Typically 3-4 guests is sufficient for all the support and love you'll need.

(Do you have even more must-have guests? Miss Ruby also offers Private Appointments that can accommodate up to 10 guests!)

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Don't be afraid to fly solo.

It may seem scary to dress shop alone, but some brides really prefer it! If you're an overthinker who needs time to process without outside opinions, consider coming in alone for a bridal consultation to narrow down styles before inviting your group for a full appointment. Plus- you're never really alone! Our stylists are always here to be your ultimate hype-women, and we love being a part of your big "yes" moment!

How to avoid hurt feelings.

We so get not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings. Never stress, there's so many ways around this! Consider inviting them in for your final fitting, where your dress finally fits you like a glove. Otherwise, get them involved with completing the look with an accessory appointment! There are endless ways to get people involved, even if they don't attend your original appointment.

Can I say "yes" without my whole group?

In short: yes, you can! We've got a whole blog to help you through this too.

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Ultimately, when you look back on your "yes" moment 50 years from now, you're going to want to remember being surrounded by so much love and support. Whether that's one person or ten people, the important thing is to make sure you feel empowered to let yourself fall in love!

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