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Wedding Dresses for Each Zodiac Sign

Your wedding dress is a huge reflection of your inner personality and unique style! Fashion tells the world who we are and who we want to be, and on no day is this more prevalent than on your wedding day. There are so many personality tests out there, but the Zodiac is the most popular of them all! We'll admit it: our stylists are no astrologers, and we can't tell you what your future will hold. Still, we can give you our very best style prediction for your big day!


You should try Nuraya by Enzoani!

Aries are all about being bold and taking risks, but can work a classic style unlike any other! Nuraya by Enzoani blends these two qualities perfectly by combining simply elegant crepe with full illusion sides for a daring style statement. Aries are ruled by Mars, the most passionate planet, so the fitting dress for this sign needs to make the bride feel confident and powerful!

Available in sizes 0-30


You should try Everett by Mikaella!

Dare we say it - Taurus may be the most inherently fashion-forward of all the signs! They appreciate bold pieces that can also stand the test of time. Luxury and quality are necessities for this eternally trendy sign! Unlike other signs who value luxury, Taurus is not likely to buy a dress because of the designer's name on it. They value how luxury the dress makes them feel! Everett's simple silhouette with a subtle hint of flare in the bodice makes this a must-try for any Taurus.

Available in sizes 2-22


You should try Shiloh by Jenny Yoo!

Gemini's are the ultimate air sign, so finding a dress that is light, airy, breathable, and danceable is a major deal. However, this comfort level cannot distract from the couture look! Gemini's are attached to Mercury, which is the planet of communication. Naturally, they will want a dress that their guests talk about for years to come. Gemini's are all about accessories, so the simplicity of Shiloh leaves tons of room for various wardrobe and accessory changes throughout the night!

Available in sizes 00-32


You should try Aeryn by Willowby!

Cancer's are drawn to styles that feel traditionally feminine and vintage, with a subtle modern twist. A classic silhouette with a small boho pop is ideal for this emotional sign, ruled by the moon. The a-line silhouette of Aeryn with the defined waist and spark of beading is the perfect combo!

Available in sizes 00-24


You should try Betty by Zavana!

You can always count on a Leo to have the most Instagram-worthy fashion sense. Their dress needs to not only be perfect for their wedding, but for a NYFW runway. They are ruled by the sun, so they are not afraid of taking hold of the spotlight with ornate beading or sparkle. They are headstrong, fiery, and have a zest for life, all of which needs to be obvious in their dress! After all, this sign is all about the drama. Betty by Zavana is ideal for these brides looking to make a bold statement through beading and embroidery.

Available in sizes 2-32


You should try Chloe by Zavana!

Keywords: details, sophistication, and elegance. Virgo's know how to catch everyone's attention, without being overpowering. Their style is very polished and effortless, but full of eye-catching details. Remember, classic does not always mean traditional! Chloe is perfect for this bride because of it's timelessness, but extravagant detail.

Available in sizes 2-32


You should try Emme by Mikaella!

We love our romantic Libras. Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and femininity. Those two key words alone bake Emme a natural choice! They value elegant, dreamy pieces that strike the perfect balance between fashion-forward and softness. This light organza skirt with edgy details in the bodice find that balance completely!

Available in sizes 2-22


You should try Nerissa by Enzoani!

Sultry, powerful, and mysterious, it can be hard to predict what kind of dress a Scorpio will feel drawn to. They are all about silhouettes that will make them feel empowered, gorgeous, and unattainable. The way Nerissa softly flares into it's tulle bottom, combined with an extravagant veil, creates an beautiful illusion of mystery for our most curious sign.

Available in sizes 0-30


You should try Naroza by Enzoani

For this fiery sign, you need a dress that feels adventurous, worldly, and flirty! The symbol for Sagittarius is a centaur, usually making them drawn to very unique but striking silhouettes. This sign will value fit and shape over details! Naroza by Enzoani is perfect for these signs, with it's off the shoulder peep and long sleeves. It's truly a dress fitting for the party of the century!

Available in sizes 0-30


You should try Cia by Robert Bullock

Capricorns are, bar none, the biggest fan of the clean and classic look. They are sharp, efficient, and always well polished. Simple and sophisticated styles that have an element of comfort are ideal. They are traditional and don't usually hop on momentary trends! Cia by Robert Bullock is an elegant option for these classic brides.

Available in sizes 0-24


You should try Nandana by Enzoani!

In terms of style, an Aquarius bride is forward-thinking and unafraid of trying new and bold styles. They don't hesitate to break away from traditional bridal norms. They are quirky and boundary-pushing without being too "out there." Nandana is perfect for this sign because of it's illusion bodice, with the most ornate train, paired with a simple sheath skirt.

Available in sizes 0-30


You should try Bella by Madi Lane!

Oh, Pisces. It's impossible to not love a the whimsical flair of a Pisces. This bride is ethereal, free-spirited, and dreamy. They want to feel like a goddess in flowing silhouettes with dainty details. They want to look and feel like they emerged straight from a dream. Bella is the epitome of a Pisces dress, with it's soft layers, delicate sparkle, and warm essence.

Available in sizes 2-28

No matter your Zodiac, Enneagram, or Meyers-Briggs, every bride is unique and different! The most important part for every sign is to be open to the possibility of loving something unexpected. A Pisces can fall in love with a sultry illusion dress, and a Scorpio can fall in love with a classic ballgown! Never overthink these little details - the perfect dress is in the stars for you!


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