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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips from Our Stylists

There are so many amazing parts of being engaged, from taking time to celebrate to touring different venues and sampling cakes! Wedding planning can be such a fun experience, but many brides can also feel a lot of expectations and pressures from every direction. Dress shopping, often times, is no different. Before their first appointment, brides can have so many "what if's" running though their mind. "What if I don't find something I love at my first store? What if I do but I have more appointments to go to? What if my group gets bored? What if I feel pressured into buying something I don't love?"

To help melt away some of your "what if's," we asked a few of our stylists for their #1 tip for brides starting out on their dress shopping journey.

Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Wedding Gown Shopping

Remember that this experience is about you.

"My number one tip is to remember that dress shopping IS ABOUT YOU! You don't have to invite aunt Kathy if you don't want to. You don't have to entertain your group if you don't want to. You don't have to go to 3 stores if you don't want to. You know how you're feeling, and you know when you've found the one. The bride is the boss and if anyone disagrees they get two thumbs down from me."

Give yourself permission to enjoy it.

"Enjoy every second of the appointment. Open mindset is key. It's what makes the experience fun and way easier. Trust your gut and you won’t have any regrets at the end."

Miss Ruby Bridal Shop Wedding Gown Look

Trust yourself.

"Trust. Your. Gut. Some reality TV shows make this process look so much more dramatic and difficult than it truly is! You knew your fiancé was the one because it felt right. Finding your dress is the same way. There are a million gowns you could try on, but your wedding dress is the one that feels right, even if it’s the first one you ever put on! In fact, for a lot of brides, it is that very first one. Trust your gut, and have fun. It’s easier than it seems."

No two brides are the same.

"Just because your matron of honor had to go to three stores to find her dream dress, doesn't mean you have to. Just because your sister didn't cry when she found her dream dress, doesn't mean it's wrong if you do! Every bride is different, and every bride will have a different experience. You know your heart better than anyone. Don't worry about trying to live up to someone else's journey, just enjoy yours!"

Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Alterations

Everyone is on your side.

"Your group wants you to find your dress, and so does your stylist! No one will be upset with you for finding it right away, or for needing to go to a few stores. All anyone wants is for the bride to feel happy, confident, and beautiful. As stylists, we're not going to push a bride into a dress she isn't in love with. Our #1 priority is finding her something she does love, and empowering her to be able to say yes confidently. No matter what, everyone is on #teambride."

You are the most important element of your dress!

"No one is going to remember every little detail of your wedding dress, they are going to remember how beautiful you were, and how it was 'so you!' So look for a dress that makes you feel like the absolute best version of yourself, and don’t sweat the small stuff!"

Miss Ruby Bridal Shop Yes to the Dress

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