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Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration

Nothing says Hallmark romance like giant teddy bears, candy hearts, and every florist in town being completely sold out of roses! Valentine's Day is amazingly cheesy by itself, so it's no surprise some people can be hesitant about planning a wedding on baby Cupid's day. The same is true with every holiday, but the holiday of romance ironically seems to be the biggest culprit. However, If you play your cards right, a Valentine's wedding can be beautiful, fun, and oh so romantic.

Hor d'oeuvrs and cocktails are 100x cuter in pink!

This is 1000% the time to get creative with your signature wedding cocktail!

You can't go wrong with a flirty Valentine's Day bridesmaid palette.

There's no rule that says blush is limited to the spring. In addition to blush, the options are endless, from deep maroon to shimmering gold to classic mauve.

It's the perfect chance to indulge in bright flowers.

If Meghan Markle and Blair Waldorf approve of the rose/peony combo, then we know it's a royally elegant choice! There's nothing corny about soft reds and pinks. Snow may be location-dependent, but if you're having a Midwest wedding, you can probably count on at least a little white glimmer on February 14! Brighter Valentine's colors can add a beautiful contrast to the monochromatic scene outside.

There are so many options for your wedding dress.

Valentine's Day adds a whole extra meaning to a sweetheart neckline! Bonus: you know you can't go wrong with an ivory dress, or one with some blush undertones.

All the little details!

The magic is in the small details! You can go as subtle as you want, or lean into the holiday and put heart-shaped fondant on your cake. The details are unique to you as a couple!

Remember, just because you have a wedding on a holiday, doesn't mean you can't still make it personal to you. If you're having a Christmas wedding, no one expects you to walk down the aisle holding a small spruce tree in lieu of a bouquet. The same goes for Valentine's Day! This is your day to celebrate your love with that special person, and the date that it falls on is only one element of the whole picture. A holiday doesn't stand a chance of overshadowing your big day, but rather adds the extra touch of sweetness that you so deserve!

Wedding Dresses: Maisie by WTOO , Harmony by Madi Lane, Marnie by Jenny Yoo

Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo


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