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The Sustainable Bride

In honor of earth day/week/month, we want to celebrate all things sustainable and give you a sweet little guide to creating a green wedding here in Milwaukee!

Looking at fashion production as a whole, it has doubled since 2000. Today, we buy 60% more clothing than 15 years ago but we are keeping these pieces for half as long. Fashion needs to slow down to prevent irreversible damage to our planet. We, at Miss Ruby, see that climate change is impacting our community and will continue impacting it if nothing is done. If every to-be wed chose even one area of their wedding to go green, those small changes would add up and create a significant impact.

We totally get it, wedding planning can already be a huge undertaking! Thinking about how to reduce your environmental impact during your wedding might not be at the top of your to-do list which is why we have put together some great resources and vendors that make it so easy to practice sustainability!

Sustainable Bridal Designers

If you are about to begin your wedding gown journey and thinking about Miss Ruby, you can feel confident that we value sustainable fashion practices and the impact they have on our environment. We are always looking to see what our designers are doing to keep their carbon footprint down or if there are any habits we can rethink and improve on within the boutique!

So, let's chat sustainable bridal designers that you can find right here at Miss Ruby!

Loulette Bride

These gowns are handmade in Brooklyn and sustainability is a part of their core values. These gowns are designed using recycled poly linings and natural fabrics. Plus, every bride that purchases a Loulette gown has a tree planted in their name through the organization One Tree Planted! Pretty amazing, right!?

PS: Even the gown’s tag can be planted and you’ll have a cute little garden on your hands!

Alyssa Kristin

Alyssa Kristin grew up right here in Wisconsin and all of her gowns are handmade in her Chicago studio! Every gown is cut to order which prevents unnecessary waste and ships in eco-friendly packaging!

Jenny Yoo

These gowns are designed for the bride and bridesmaid who wants to fall in love with a gown perfect for their wedding day but that can be worn again for other special occasions. Jenny Yoo partners with Fabscrap to recycle any unused materials and they also donate fabrics to The Fashion Class to help with the education of future fashion professionals!

More Sustainable Ways to Shop

When you shop at Miss Ruby, you’ll find another sustainable way to shop by purchasing an aisle-ready gown.

You may be wondering; What is an aisle ready gown? These are styles we have on hand that can be taken home the same day you shop with us! These gowns can be altered to fit like a glove for your big day! We take great care of the gowns in our boutique by completing repairs and professionally cleaning our gowns when needed.

All of these efforts are made with the goal that every gown we bring to our boutique can one day walk down the aisle!

Does an aisle-ready gown sound perfect for you? Check out our upcoming Bridal Flash Sale!

Not sure what to do with your wedding gown after your special day? Check out these sites that make it easy to sell your gown to be worn again and again by other bride-to-be's!

Sustainable Milwaukee Vendors

Beyond sustainably shopping for the dress of your dreams, you can also book other amazing vendors in the Milwaukee area that are passionate about sustainability! Check out these local vendors who are making a difference!

1. Schlitz Audubon - Sustainably designed venue

2. Tall Guy and a Grill - First Green Certified caterer in Wisconsin, sourcing ingredients from local farms and artisans

3. Flowers for Dreams - Every bouquet supports charity! In 2022 over $50,000 was donated to combat climate change

4. Milwaukee Flower Co. - Growing their own flowers sustainably and composting flower waste

5. Petals for Patients - After your wedding you can donate your wedding floral to hospice patients and their families

6. Compost Crusaders - Helping put on near zero-waste events by composting food waste

7. Relic Rentals - Offering wedding decor to style your wedding without items being discarded in a single use fashion

Every opportunity we choose to go green helps make a difference. Whether you are newly engaged or just a few months out from your big day there are easy ways to be sustainable!


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