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Becoming a Miss Ruby Bride: Step-By-Step

Going into your first bridal appointment, you never really know what to expect. A million thoughts can run through your head. "Who will my stylist be? Will she be pushy? Will I find my dress?" You've probably heard tons of stories about what dress shopping should be like from your mom, your best friend, and even reality television. At Miss Ruby, we strive to make the experience as seamless, fun, and easy as possible! We're with you through the entire process, from beginning to end. So, what does it really mean to be a Miss Ruby Bride? Let us break the whole experience down for you!

Engagement & Research

You just got engaged, congratulations! Everyone has a different engagement period. Some brides jump in to wedding planning right away, others like to take their time and celebrate with their sweetheart. Whenever the time is right for you, start taking a look on Pinterest, social media, and our website to see which dresses you think you'll vibe with.

Let's Chat

Once you've done a little bit of research and decided you're ready to find your dress, let's schedule your appointment! You can visit our website or give us a call to decide on the perfect day to say yes. Before your visit, we'll chat with you a few times to get a good idea of your wedding vision. Not only will we have a phone convo with you to get to know the vibe you're going for, we'll also send you an overview to gather all your information (styles you love, your venue, and your budget). This helps us grab a few dress options that we think you'll love ahead of time!

Visit the Boutique

We love welcoming brides into our dreamy Third Ward boutique! Once you and your group arrive at Miss Ruby, tucked away in the Pritzlaff building, head right on up to the front desk to check in and get hyped to find your dream dress! We might have you sit in our cozy waiting area, or begin browsing our racks before your appointment starts.

Meet Your Stylist & Start Trying On

All of our stylists are experts in fashion, but they're also some of the coolest gals you'll find! Once your stylist is ready for you, she'll show you to your viewing area and chat with you for a bit before getting started. Here, she'll break the whole appointment down for you, so you'll know the flow of the day. Then, the fun begins. We always say we can find your dream dress within 12 dresses. At your appointment, you'll try a variety of styles with your expert stylist guiding you to the perfect one. Plus, our stylists won't just help you try on the best dresses - they truly listen to what you want and how you want to feel - which leads to you finding your dream dress!

Fall In Love & Get Jacked Up

Within the first 45 minutes of your appointment, you'll have tried several different styles and silhouettes, until you've narrowed it down to one special dress. Much like falling in love, you never know when or how it will happen! Once you do find that special dress, that makes you feel like a true bride, and you could see yourself getting married in it, it gets super exciting. This is the time to grab some accessories and complete the whole picture.

Pop Champagne

Probably the best part of the whole day, now you get to say "YES!" and pop champagne! Clink your glasses, take pictures, and celebrate. You'll also get your measurements taken by your stylist so she can walk you through sizing recommendations, shipping details, and any additional tidbits.

Keep in Touch

When you leave our store after saying yes, you're not through with us yet! We'll be in touch with you for the next several months to style your bridesmaids, select accessories, and provide you with an estimated delivery date. Whatever you need during the planning process, we've got you!

Pick Up

Before you know it, the months have flown by, until one lucky day when you get a call from us to let you know your dress has arrived in the store! This is always fun, because we get to welcome our brides back after several months, and they get to try on the dress they're going to say "I Do" in! Then, we can talk through any alterations your seamstress will need to do and any last questions.

Say I Do

Here, we get to take a step back, but we're always rooting for you from afar on your big day!

... To be continued!

Your wedding day might be over, but you can't get rid of us that easily! In addition to being your expert stylists, we often times become lifelong friends with our brides! We also always hope to see wedding photos from our brides to feature on our blog. Anything else you need, your ultimate hype women are always here for you.


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