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Shining a Spotlight on our Miss Ruby Brides

To celebrate Women's History Month, we asked our bride’s to give a shout out to a fellow bride in their lives or themselves to highlight all of the goodness they put out into the world. Our brides showed up and showed out! These amazing brides are just a few examples of how our values as a team & as a business are out in the real world and making a real impact. Keep reading to learn how some of our brides are truly putting their best foot forward and making the world a better place with their passions!

Sandy Plascencia

Sandy and her fiance Sree took a different, very intentional approach when it came to planning their wedding. They choose to tackle this process with love, intentionality, and authenticity! Sandy writes "It is no secret that love and commitment extend beyond a wedding ceremony and reception, but I wish more couples knew that their wedding day doesn’t have to be procedural and can literally be whatever they want it to be. We believe is possible to celebrate the union between you and your partner and throw a party with your loved ones, while still being conscientious of the lives you are impacting along the way. Where Sree and I come from (India and Mexico) weddings are a celebration of love and an integration to the greater community. Our communal cultures have taught us to embrace and cherish those near us, and that is exactly what we are choosing to do."

She continues with "From the very beginning we have prioritized Women, BIPOC and local Milwaukee vendors and we have zero regrets about this decision. We are proud of the VIP team of vendors that we have curated, and we are happy to give back to the community that has given us nothing but love and support. The talent, creativity, and skills that that Milwaukee Women and BIPOC vendors possess is unmatched and we are honored to work with each and every single one of them. Sree and I are particularly grateful for Meli, our wedding planner and now friend, who has been instrumental throughout this process and an unconditional, creative, and hardworking powerhouse! Our vendor list is not complete as we are finalizing contracts and want to surprise our guests, but it’s safe to say we’re going to have the most magical and beautiful wedding weekend!"

Sandy finishes by saying "I hope our wedding planning approach and journey inspires other couples to prioritize the local vendors who deserve the most recognition and love. I believe the wedding planning experience should feel like compilation of your love story , your roots, your values, and a reflection of the community you want to create. One of my favorite moments throughout this planning process was saying yes to the Dress at Miss Ruby Boutique. Miss Ruby is a business that I respect and admire, and I am not just talking about the beautiful gown selection! Miss Ruby’s values, contributions to the MKE community, and the lovely staff encompass everything I want and expect from my community. I am honored and proud to be a Miss Ruby Bride and I cannot wait for our wedding weekend!"

Also, if you were curious who the vendors Sandy and Sree choose for such a special day, don't worry we have the list for you!

Marisa Perry

Miss Ruby bride Marisa currently lives in Milwaukee with her fiance and 2 doodles! She works as a nurse at Froedtert in a unit that specializes in not only treating and caring for a medical diagnosis, but treating the patients psychiatric conditions as well creating a more holistic approach to medicine. Marisa writes "I have a strong passion for mental health & notice a huge lack of attention to this in healthcare. As a nurse and as a future nurse practitioner, I have a drive to shift the focus of medicine to solving “root causes” of conditions vs putting a bandaid on it and sending them home. My current work involves raising awareness about mental health, how it affects your physical symptoms, and holistic treatment with diet, exercise, being aware and most of all, informed about how we can make changes to make our bodies and minds function at our highest potentials. My goal is to open my own practice where I can treat my patients with this in mind and to provide a place where people can access mental health resources easily and affordably all in the same place they receive their other care. Mark my words, MKE, in time it’ll happen!

Genevieve Klinker

Genevieve says that she's not one to toot her own horn typically but to bring awareness to an organizations like the one she works with, it's worth it! She is a co-lead for the Young Leaders Council for the Charles E. Kubly Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of those impacted by depression. She talks about this organization as much as she can and at every opportunity that presents itself. The Charles E. Kubly Foundation hosts a ton of great events to raise money and create awareness for those struggling with their mental health. What Genevieve loves most about the organization is that you can really see the impact on the community and they’re very open about where the grants are going. The Charles E. Kubly Foundation is based out of Mequon and host most of our events in Milwaukee, focusing on impacting the Southeastern Wisconsin community! Click here to learn more about this foundation and how to get involved!

Sydney Fisher

This Miss Ruby bride is incredibly driven and dedicated to her work! Sydney works at the Fiserv Forum/The Milwaukee Bucks as a Senior Event Manager (go bucks!!). She's managed events in Milwaukee such as the 2022 NCAA first and second rounds of Men’s basketball for the March Madness tournament, concerts that come into MKE and other upcoming large events coming up for the city in 2024. Sydney is booked and busy while also planning her upcoming wedding for the Fall of this year!

Thank you to all of our brides who sent in their own stories and those that sent in the brides in their life for nominations! We love & value learning what makes each & every one of our brides special days uniquely their own! No matter where you are in your journey, it's our honor to empower you!


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