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Our Favorite Pearl Moments for 2021

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but pearls are forever! Once synonymous with a classic and vintage look, pearls are making a huge comeback like never before. There are so many different ways to style them and incorporate them into your wedding for a modern sparkle of Grace Kelly elegance. Here are a few pearl moments our brides have been loving lately!

More than a stud

Lovebird "Veronica" Earrings, Bird's Tail "Denver" Earrings

Pearl earrings can be so much more than a simple stud! Whether pearls are the main attraction, or adding some small detail around a center stone, designers are getting more and more experimental with this gem. They're perfect for the brides that want a dangle, but don't necessarily want a ton of glitz-and-glam.

Scattered Veils

Scattered Wedding Veil

Untamed Petals "Jackson" veil

Photography: Yeri Photo

Veils dominate the accessory look books every wedding season, and show no signs of slowing down! 3D veils are becoming extremely popular, especially veils that feature pearls. In clusters with some sparkle, or simply scattered throughout the veil, pearls add a small touch of modernity in a very classic accessory.

A Cinderella Entrance

Wedding Dress Accessories Milwaukee

Photo: Pinterest

Step aside, glass slippers! Strappy pearl heels are having a major moment. These are perfect for adding a unique yet bridal touch to any wedding look.

Belts and sashes galore

Wedding Belts

Jaxie "Adeline" Belt

Looking for that hourglass waist definition? Belts are a tried and true favorite of brides everywhere. Pearls add a glamorous touch to this elegant accessory, especially when combined with a bit of sparkle!

Drop Necklaces

Wedding Drop Necklace

Bird's Tail "Blair" Necklace

Pearls are perfect for back-drop necklaces! With a stunning open back, you wouldn't want to distract with too much jewelry. If you want to add a subtle detail, consider a pearl drop necklace!

& More!

As seen on studs, haircombs, tiaras, and more - pearls won't be leaving the bridal scene any time soon. As Jackie Kennedy said, there's no inappropriate moment for a classic string of pearls!


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