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Which Wedding Dress Designer is Right for Me?

The one big question we always make sure to ask our brides when finding them their dream dress is, "how do you want to feel on your wedding day?" Do you want to feel romantic? Comfortable? Boho? Classic, or maybe a little sexy? Every designer has their own vibe and the sensational talent of making brides feel a certain way when they put their dresses on. While we strongly encourage trying a variety of styles and collections when you're shopping, it's super common to be drawn to one specific section of our store.

Want to get an idea of which designers you'll definitely want to check out on your big "YES" day? Think of this as designer speed-dating, and let's find out which ones you are most compatible with!

On my wedding day, I want to feel...

Contemporary, chic, comfortable and minimal.

Check out Alyssa Kristin!

Alyssa Kristin dresses are locally designed for the exceptionally minimal bride. An Alyssa Kristin bride truly believes that less is more, and doesn't want embellishments to overpower her natural beauty. And hello comfortable! Alyssa Kristin dresses have a super cozy lining that stretches!

Girly, effortless, and boho.

Check out Madi Lane!

These Australian-designed wedding dresses are truly fit for every boho princess. Madi Lane designs draw inspiration from nature, and are the ideal balance of modern ingenuity and classic sophistication.

Rustic, natural, and romantic.

One thing is for sure: Ti Adora does a floral lace right! These dresses are perfect for the bride that wants subtle hints of nature incorporated on her wedding day.

Sexy, striking, glamorous and luxurious.

Check out Enzoani!

Enzoani is what you get when you combine luxurious fabrics, stunning silhouettes, and ornate laces. These gowns are made with the highest quality, and are for the bride that wants all jaws on the floor the second she walks in!

Unique, architectural, and retro.

Check out Zavana!

Antoni Gaudi would be humbled by the elaborate details on these dresses. For a bride planning a glamorous and moody wedding, it doesn't get much better than Zavana!

Elegant, classic, and timeless.

Check out Robert Bullock!

No one understands a classic bride quite like Robert Bullock! Each one of his gowns are designed, first and foremost, to make every bride feel her most confident. They're truly fit for modern royalty.

Sophisticated, modern, and youthful.

Check out Jenny Yoo!

Jenny Yoo adds a subtle, playful twist to the timeless silhouettes we all know and love! Mix in soft, dreamy fabrics for an understated and elegant combo.

Dreamy, whimsical, and unexpected.

These gowns are for the eternally trendy bride, complete with the smallest unexpected details. Layered skirts, sweet laces, and fun beading are all possibilities with Wtoo and Willowby by Watters!

Graceful, fashion-forward, and carefree.

A Mikaella bride is synonymous with impeccable taste! It's almost impossible to not fall in love with these elegant and effortless designs.

I have no idea! All of the above?

Although you may find yourself drawn to one collection, it's completely normal and exciting to fall in love with something you never expected! While you may have a good idea of what you want going into your appointment, it's okay if that vision changes, or if you come in without a clear vision at all. Your expert stylists are ready to help walk you through each and every one of our incredible designers.


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