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Meet Sound By Design

Meet Sound by Design! These guys do it all! From being one of Milwaukee's top DJ companies to creating jaw dropping light displays, Sound by Design knows how to have a good time.

Check out their interview below to learn more about Sound by Design and be sure to add them to your vendor list!

What services does Sound By Design provide?

We are most well known for our DJ service and helping pack the dance floor at weddings/events. However, over the years we have added services to make planning easy. Our couples can turn to us for lighting decor, photo booths, videography and even a party bus. We also own and run 3 MKE venues and the Camp Bars. We are all about helping people have a great time.

The couple on the bottom right met at Camp Bar in Shorewood and got married at The Atrium!

Check out their event spaces here!

What is your favorite part about a wedding?

Obviously being a DJ, the dancing portion! From the beginning, I love when there's an awesome first dance that captivates guests. It summarizes the whole reason why everyone is there that night. Also, seeing the moments with the parents during dances can be really special. And then, there is nothing like a crazy dance floor and watching couples let loose with their guests. It's the culmination of months of planning and it's finally time to celebrate and just PARTY!

But besides that I'm a sucker for a good speech from a parent :)

What keeps you inspired?

When you see people having fun and you helped create that, it's really addicting. Personally I have DJ'd over 1,000 events and still love it. A lot of the inspiration comes from working with our couples leading up to the wedding. The #1 thing they tell us they want is for their guests to have a good time and a packed dance floor. It's exciting going into the wedding knowing you can help them do that.

In addition, it's really fun to use our creativity to help our couples create unique experiences. For example, one of our couples had a tent on their property. It was a fall wedding so they wanted it to feel like they were still outside. They also loved string bulbs and wanted to find a fun way to incorporate them. Our solution was to create a tree canopy projection on the tent ceiling, a string bulb backdrop for the head table and custom built wooden boxes/beams to create an awesome lounge area outside the tent. (See photos below!)

What advice would you give couples about their special day?

If you surround yourself with the right vendors, you will enjoy the experience of your wedding even more. On the wedding night, go with the flow and try to take in the moments. It will go quickly but make it a point to take the time to appreciate the day. Don't have too much champagne, at least not until dancing starts :) Lastly, HAVE FUN!

What is the best part of your job?

In addition to what I mentioned before, I would say it is working with the crew at Sound By Design. Everyone is so much fun and it's an amazing atmosphere to be a part of. That energy and enthusiasm carries over to working with our couples and executing our events. Our warehouse is connected to our Camp Bar in Shorewood, so after events we all hang out. It's great to hear about everyone's night and the stories of the day. It's a really really good group and we've all become best friends. Meet our team!

Why is your business unique?

Easy - The Sound By Design Crew. We have been successful over the years because of the talented team working here. From day 1 our team is working with our couples to design a great wedding day specifically to them. And it's not just the DJ service, our couples love how easy it is to use us for multiple services to create that amazing experience.

When we plan, we often do it over beers at our Camp Bar. We want the planning to be as fun as the night of. Overall be ready to dance the night away and have an amazing time working with Sound By Design!

Two of the best ways to see what Sound by Design is up to:


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