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Meet Milwaukee Flower Co.

Welcome to our new blog series where we introduce you to some incredibly talented Milwaukee vendors! Each month, we will feature one of our favorite vendors to give you an inside scoop on the amazing work these businesses provide. Whether you're planning the wedding of your dreams or just want to learn more about our local Milwaukee wedding community, this is the series for you!

Meet Milwaukee Flower Co.! From the dreamiest floral arrangements you've ever seen to intimate wedding ceremony services, they do it all! We have been lucky enough to have worked with them for BOTH Illuminate Fashion Shows and cannot even begin to put into words how talented their team is!

Check out their interview below to learn more about Milwaukee Flower Co. and be sure to add them to your vendor list!

What services does your business provide?

We have three sister businesses! See below:

Milwaukee Flower Co. - luxury flower design, monthly flower subscriptions, farming a half acre of flowers this year

Zap Bloom - online ordering for budget-savvy wedding flowers

Petite Weddings - intimate curated wedding ceremony, cake cutting and sparkling wine toast

What is your favorite part about a wedding?

Milwaukee Flower Co.: the room reveal - I recommend to couples that they have a private viewing of the reception space right before guests come in for dinner. After months or even years of planning it's very emotional to see it all come together. Ask your photographer to catch your reaction!

Zap Bloom: being able to provide beautiful blooms at affordable prices for all couples.

Petite Weddings: helping many couples in a weekend have a lovely wedding in these unusual times.

What advice would you give couples about their special day?

KEEP IT SIMPLE with decor. Lighting, linens, flowers on the guest tables make the space come alive. All the other decor details, like the guest book table, should be treated as extras if you have the time and money to execute. Sometimes I see couples spreading their budgets thin with all the small stuff, leaving less for the main parts of the space.

What keeps you inspired?

AD magazine. I love looking at what's coming in the design world, flowers and weddings are usually right behind interior design trends!

Why is your business unique?

We use an employee first model: we take care of our team, they take care of our amazing clients and our business takes care of itself. By offering living wages, profit sharing and wellness benefits, we are a positive and supportive force for our team inside and outside of Milwaukee Flower Co.

What is the best part of your job?

The couples and their families: meeting people from all walks of life, being a part of such an important day for them, making their dream wedding vision come to life.


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