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Meet Melody Sopa Artistry

Meet Melody Sopa Artistry! From customized skin care treatments to wellness plans specializing in beauty to the most beautiful makeup application you've ever seen, Melody is one of Milwaukee's best!

What services does your business provide?

Melody Sopa Artistry offers customized cruelty free skin care treatments (Facials, dermaplaning, Non-Surgical Facelift, chemical peels), on site and in studio makeup applications for weddings, headshots, photo shoots, and other events, and customized wellness plans specializing in beauty from the inside out, along with custom blended cruelty free mineral based makeup (foundation, powder, primer, etc.)

(I have been giving Jessica her Dermaplane with NonSurgical Facelift Facials for almost 3 years! She had several makeup trials with other makeup artists and I am honored she chose me! 3 years later, and after her big day and 1st child, she still sees me for my custom services and uses my professional products for home care.)

What is your favorite part about a wedding?

My favorite part about a wedding is simply the union of two families coming together for the couple getting married. I am usually one of the first vendors on site with the bridal party. There is so much love, excitement, and nerves in the air and I love being able to start their day with peace and calm while I pamper them for one of the most special days they will remember. I feel so honored to be there and be apart of their love in a small way.

What keeps you inspired?

What keeps me inspired is keeping up with my education and my clients. I focus on skin health and my brides confirm that they, too, appreciate that and want their skin glowing for their big day and after. Seeing their excitement to get started keeps me inspired to wanting the best for them and making sure each service I offer is the best!

(Alex saw me for facials leading up to her big day and we made major improvements on her complexion! I got to pamper her mom too and actually have a facial with her mom this week!)

What advice would you give couples about their special day?

My best advice to give couples on their wedding day is to not sweat the opinions of others. Its their day and they can make it the way they want, not the way they think it should be or feel pressured by outsiders to do something that isn’t them, just to make other people happy. Naturally, they should keep an open mind to family traditions, but when it comes to feeling the need to plan for THE perfect day, it doesn’t exist. So take the pressure off, do what brings you joy, invite those you love, and have the best time with your person and your loved ones without hesitation or pressure from social media or family.

What is the best part of your job?

I can’t say there is one part of my career that is better than another because I do so many things! But I’d have to say I love getting to know my Brides and their families that come to see me for regular skin treatments at my spa in downtown Milwaukee. We get their skin and gut happy and healthy, so by the time the wedding comes, we are like family AND their skin and mental health are better than ever. And that goes so far beyond doing makeup on a wedding day. I love that the majority of my brides continue to see me for their skin and makeup needs after their big days. Some become pregnant and I get to be apart of those new chapters in their lives. It fills me up to overflowing to have those relationships.

(Ava and I connected through Sally of Milwaukee Flower Co. She wasn't sure if she wanted makeup professionally done for her big day. We booked her a facial, talked about it and I ended up doing this gorgeous look on her! We focused on my Dermaplane with Non Surgical Facelift facial, in addition to upgrading her home care skin care and supplements for Beauty from the Inside out!)

Why is your business unique?

My business is unique because I am the one clients are in direct communication with and also provide a range of essential services for brides pre and post wedding. For now, I am a one show gal! I love building connections with my clients so they feel extra special and know that I am their personal Esthetician and Makeup Artist. They can email me with any questions or concerns and I am there to help implement doable solutions for them at home and with my in my treatment room. We become like family, and I feel like that is rare to find in your wedding day makeup artist.

You can reach me and follow me below!



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