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Party Animals: How to include your pet in your wedding!

It's no secret that our pet-owning stylists at Miss Ruby are mildly obsessed with their furry best friends, and same goes for our brides. Whether it's a dog, cat, rabbit, or bird, our pets become members of our families! It's only natural to want to include them in all the wedding festivities. Here are just a few of our fave ways for brides to get their pets involved!

Wedding with dog

Ring bear(er)

Okay, maybe only let pets that are very well trained hold onto the rings. If that's not your pet, have them walk down the aisle alongside your ring bearer or flower girl! Many florists will also be willing to work with you to create an easy and comfortable flower arrangement for your pet, usually incorporating them into the collar or leash.

Pets during a wedding

Let them stand with your bridal party

The rest of your best friends are included, so you might as well have your BFF there too! Similar to the idea above, have one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen walk them down the aisle. Dogs are usually the easiest to manage, but we've seen brides have cats, rabbits, and even horses in their bridal party!

Groomsmen with Cat

Snap some pics

If it's too stressful for you to have your four-legged friend there for the whole ceremony, consider having the pet sitter pop in just for the photos! You can dress your pet up up or just smoosh them between the bride and groom - either way, it's cuteness overload.

Newlyweds with pet

Honor them from afar

Not all pets are the best wedding guests - and that's okay! It's a no brainer that it doesn't make us love them any less. If your pet can't be with you on your special day, there are still ways to involve them! Consider naming a cocktail after them, and adding a tiny cake topper (because we all know the cake would be a dog's favorite part anyway!).

Pet  Cocktail Wedding Menu

Things to remember!

1) Remember to do your research on flowers! While we're all for adorning your furry friend with cute floral arrangements (or even including any in your décor, for that matter), some are toxic for animals. You will want to make sure the flowers you and your florist select are safe, and minimal on your pet!

2) Speaking of adorning the pets, you'll want to make sure they're fully comfortable in their 'fits. Give the outfit a try a few days in advance, and make sure they don't have to keep it on for too long! Not all animals love getting dressed up, so sometimes a simple decorative collar will suffice.

3) Make sure your venue is animal-friendly! If incorporating your pet is important to you, maybe opt for a more outdoorsy venue as opposed to a formal ballroom.

4) If you're having your pet at your reception, be wary of selecting too much food with chocolate, bones, or even alcohol!

5) Hire a pet handler or sitter for the day. No matter how low-maintenance your pet may be, they've likely never been in an environment like a wedding before! The last thing a bride wants to spend her night doing is chasing after a rogue pup.

Wedding with Pets

We always love to see photos of our Miss Ruby Brides + their Miss Ruby Pets on their big day! Have any cute shots you want to share? Email them to!

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