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How To Fly With Your Wedding Dress

What could be more exciting than an adventure-filled destination wedding? Your tickets are purchased, a cute sunhat is packed, so the final question remains: how are you going to get your wedding dress there? Here are some helpful tricks to make flying with your dress as stress-free as possible!

First thing’s first, there should be zero need to roll, fold, or wrinkle your dress up into your suitcase! Not only is it unnerving to put your wedding dress with checked luggage knowing there’s a possibility it could end up lost somewhere, most airlines actually prefer it if you take large, delicate items as a carry-on anyway.

In fact, all 5 major airlines allow wedding dresses to be packed as a carry on (size permitting)! Here is how each airline breaks down their policy.

American Airlines: A wedding dress is absolutely allowed in lieu of a carry-on, but call the airline ahead so they can be prepared for it!

Delta: Delta is so prepped for your wedding, their website even has an entire page dedicated to destination wedding travel. It’s only allowed as a carry on if the size permits, but for an airline that allows Christmas trees on board, a wedding dress shouldn’t be a problem.

JetBlue: While dresses are carry-on items, unfortunately they do not provide hanging closet space. All dresses must be placed in overhead bins. They also recommend possibly purchasing a separate seat for your dress (yes, you read that right!). It may not be cost effective, but at least you can keep an eye on it!

Southwest: The crew will assist with safely storing the dress in an overhead compartment. Just make sure to give them a call ahead of time so they’re ready for it!

United: United strongly recommends taking your dress as a carry-on, and the gate agents will assist to find space for it.

Regardless of your airline, you should be sure to contact them ahead of time so they can be prepared for you before check-in!

If you’re lucky enough to have an empty seat on your flight, and you can get the person next to it to swap you, then bingo! You can definitely ensure safe travel for your dress.

Another tip would be to splurge on priority or first class tickets, if you’re comfortable doing so. While this doesn’t change airline procedures, there is slightly more space to store your dress.

A few final tips!

1. Get yourself a small, portable garment steamer. No matter how you transport your dress, it’s bound to get a few wrinkles!

2. Do not take your dress out of it’s garment bag during travel.

3. While zipping up your garment bag, keep another finger on the opposite side of the zipper between it and your dress. The last thing you want is a zipper snag from packing up your dress!


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