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Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses

Shop small, and shop sustainable! When finding your dream wedding dress, eco-friendly fashion probably isn't the first thing on your mind. The fashion industry is leaving a massive, damaging environmental footprint on our planet. The fashion industry alone, from production to disposal of clothing, produces a whopping tenth of the planet's carbon emissions. Moreover, producing something as small as one pair of jeans typically requires about 2,000 gallons of water, making fashion the second most polluting industry for water. Unfortunately, bridal fashion is not exempt from the harm.

So, what if we could tell you there was a way to find your dream wedding dress, and still be kind to the earth? Score, right? Lucky for brides everywhere, designers are becoming increasingly aware of the harm fashion can cause on the planet, and they're giving us exactly what we want.

Fast fashion is fast gone in bridal!

If you haven't heard of fast fashion, we'll break it down for you. Fast fashion is the go-to for most mall lovers! It's trendy, affordable clothing from all our favorite chain retailers. Everyone loves a good deal, but these pieces are meant to be cycled out several times a year to keep up with ever-changing trends. Fast fashion is what leaves the biggest impact on our planet, in the fashion industry.

This isn't the case with wedding dresses! With our designers, every dress is made to order. There is no warehouse holding thousands of your same dress, which is the reason behind the 6-8 month production timeline on wedding dresses. Wedding dresses are heirlooms, can be preserved for years, and aren't made until an order is placed.

One of our designers that is all about sustainability is Jenny Yoo. Jenny Yoo has clean, chic, and elegant dresses that countless brides and bridesmaids have fallen in love with! On top of the stunning dresses, Jenny Yoo has sustainable practices down to a T through the entire design process, from manufacturing to retail.

First off, their crepe gowns are made using sustainable yarns, meaning they are man-made recovered yarns. This protects wood and forests. They also recycle and repurpose fabrics, and often donate them to fashion classes near their flagship location in New York! It's safe to say that any of their gorgeous wedding dresses are perfect for the sophisticated, elegant, and environmentally conscious bride.

A second designer for environmentally conscious brides to keep in mind is Madi Lane! If you're a little more on the glamorous boho side of style, get ready to fall in love with Madi Lane dresses. Plus, you guessed it, Madi Lane is committed to reducing waste!

To meet their passion for bridal fashion with their passion for sustainability, they have taken a creative focus on reusing base patterns and silhouettes that are going to be fashionable for years to come, rather than scrambling to meet wasteful trends. Their gowns also use natural hues rather than bright dyed colors to reduce chemical waste. One thing is clear: sustainability is very important to the Australian designer, and they have a continued commitment towards it!

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While there is still a long way to go to truly minimize the damage fashion has caused on our planet, it's a comfort to know that on your wedding day, you can make a positive impact (and look super cute while doing so!). To learn more, ask your stylist about these designers during your bridal appointment! Experience for yourself that it is possible to have a wedding dress that doesn't sacrifice style for sustainability.

Want to learn more about fast fashion and how you can help make a positive impact? Take a look at these resources!


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