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2023 Bridal Fashion Trends

2023 brides have so many amazing bridal fashion trends to look forward to this year! The bridal world is your oyster! From chic and timeless to bright colors and breaking away from everything that is traditional -it can seem overwhelming at times to choose a vision for your big day. Fear not! We are here to break down all of the 2023 trends so you can decide which one feels the most “you”.

Here are some bridal trends we are super excited to see throughout the year!

Pearls and Gloves

We are still feeling the effects of the explosion of Bridgerton! Satin opera gloves and pearls woven into your bridal look give the classic bride a touch of something traditional turned modern. You can even combine the two! An elbow length sheer glove with scattered pearls is super chic without being too trendy. There are endless ways to incorporate pearls into your bridal look but my personal favorite way is with a pearl covered cape in lieu of a veil. So dramatic and so unique! Jaxie Bridal and Untamed Petals have absolutely nailed this trend and we are so excited to have their take on these pearl trends in our boutique!

Grace Kelly Inspired

This trend is a return to the traditional-high necklines, corded lace full length sleeves, and satin skirts. Gowns that feel ultra-regal but with a new modern twist have already been on the up and up with celebrities like Lily Collins and Paris Hilton. This trend may feel like it came out of nowhere but a lot of brides still want to feel like a princess on their wedding day. This is kind of like the more mature version of that - not princessy but more like a queen, something that feels regal. This look is the epitome of timeless, especially considering Grace Kelly’s wedding dress that this trend is inspired by is from 1956! Talk about classic! You can view ALL our gowns here!

Slip Satin Gowns

The “anti-bride” movement started to gain popularity a few years back but if you’re not familiar it basically comes down to opting for everything a traditional wedding is not. It has really opened a door & normalized making your wedding whatever you want it to be - breaking the boundaries and making it what works for you. With the rise of “anti-brides” we've had so many clean, minimal gowns hitting our racks! One of our newest designers - Willow and Winter- has some of our favorite slip gowns that just scream effortlessly chic.


Incorporating color in new, unexpected ways is where we’re going to see brides have a lot of fun this year! Weddings have started to become more and more personalized over the past couple of years and playing around with bright, bold colors allows brides to tap into their creative side with florals, decor, and even their gowns. The Bay wedding dress by our exclusive line RISE is a great example of a more playful gown that still feels bridal but has pops of colorful flowers. Kelly by Ti Adora in black is another gown in our store - not necessarily a pop of color, but certainly a fun dress for the bride looking to make a bold statement. And lastly, Stevie in Peach by one of our newest designers Loulette! Inspired by Stevie Nicks herself, this gown embodies the effortlessly ethereal bride.

Maximalist Ballgowns

Ballgowns are probably the silhouette that pop into everyone’s head when they think of a wedding dress. Think cake topper. Funny enough, they are the #1 style that brides say they don’t even want to try on when they come in! I get it, it’s a lot of fabric but they can also be a lot of fun. Trend-wise, we are seeing a lot of detailed ballgowns. Lace, appliques, sparkle, beading, glitter tulle! In total juxtaposition to our “anti-brides”, these styles take maximalism to another level. From fully patterned gowns to layers of tulle covered in pearls, there are endless choices for this trend and Enzoani has some of our favorite extravagant ballgowns!

Are you ready to see these trends in store for yourself? CLICK HERE to schedule your experience today!


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