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A Wedding Dress for Every Season

Peak "wedding season" may fall from June to September, but weddings are a year-round affair! Some brides love a summer peony, some brides want a glimmer of snow, and some think April showers are the epitome of whimsical romance. No matter which season you choose for your magical day, we have the perfect dresses locked and loaded and ready to go! Here are a few of our favorites, by season.

Summer: Tensley by Jenny Yoo

It's all in the details! One of our newest arrivals, Tensley has a summery floral lace from head to toe. This gown makes the perfect compliment to an outdoor June wedding. The dainty straps and deep v make it super comfortable for those hot summer nights, too! This dress is is for the free-spirited bride who wants to make a subtle statement.

Available in sizes 00-32

Fall: Bea by Madi Lane

One word: sleeves! We are dying over these flowy, avant garde sleeves. The lace trickling down the skirt mimics the falling leaves, and makes a bride feel like a total boho princess. Fall is the perfect time of year for perpetually trendy brides. Plus, autumn-inspired jewel toned color palettes compliment this dress perfectly.

Available in sizes 2-28

Winter: Opal by Robert Bullock

Winter is elegant and just a little extra, and so is Opal! This satin ballgown is stunning in all seasons, but top it off with a classic fur shawl for a royal snowy look. Imagine this dress in a horse-drawn carriage through twinkling snowfall, with deep pine green and cinnamon accents all around. Are you in love yet? So are we!

Available in sizes 0-24

Spring: Elora by Madi Lane

Elora's lace details match the blooming spring flowers perfectly! The sweetheart neckline is chic and feminine, making every bride feel magical. This skirt flowing through the light spring breeze is perfect for a whimsical bride.

Available in sizes 2-28

There are so many factors to take into account when deciding on the right time of year to get married - but the most important thing is always that you feel like the goddess you are in your dress! Ultimately, whether you get married on a breezy summer beach or a cozy winter cabin, the perfect seasonal dress is here waiting for you!


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