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A Veil for Every Bride

Blushers and birdcages and cathedrals, oh my! While accessory options are endless, most brides will be faced with the age old question of whether or not to wear a veil. Many brides consider a veil to be very traditional, but the are actually so many variations for modern and classic brides alike!


The birdcage completes the ultimate vintage bridal look. They primarily came into style in the 1940's and 50's, and to this day are perfect for a chic retro wedding.


The blusher lends itself more to the traditional bride, covering her face until she is presented to her soon-to-be spouse. Its' soft, swooping tulle adds an extra layer of romance.


The fingertip veil is the most versatile option out there! Tried and true, it's impossible to go wrong with this veil, and it also blends incredibly well with just about any dress silhouette.


The cathedral veil is truly the pièce de résistance of veils. Regal, stunning, and impactful, this veil trails even past the train for the ultimate bridal entrance.

& More

Veil lengths can be customized and there are so many ways to make them your own. Details like sparkle, pearls, and lace are available on just about every length of veil to add just an extra touch to your dream wedding look!


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