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5 Reasons You Should Book a (Pre-Appointment) Bridal Consultation

A pre-appointment bridal consultation gives you the opportunity to visit the shop prior to your upcoming bridal appointment & learn more about the wedding dress shopping process. Read on to find out how helpful these consultations can be!

1.) You've got questions? We've got answers! 

Have no idea where to start? Know nothing about the wedding dress shopping process? Well, that makes sense because you’ve probably never done this before! When you come in for a consultation, you will have an expert stylist at your disposal to answer any and every question you may have about bridal shopping! You’ll have a wealth of knowledge by the time you leave, and none of those questions will be lingering over your bridal appointment when it’s time to live in the moment and HAVE FUN! 

2.) Let it all out! 

Feeling nervous about shopping? Don’t worry, it’s SO normal. When it comes to bridal shopping, we totally understand that there may be a lot of anxieties that go along with it. You don’t know what you don’t know! And like we said, this is probably your first time bridal shopping, and the build up to the unknown can be a lot on your nerves! During your consultation, you can talk through every fear you may have with your stylist. Chances are you’re going to feel so much better by the time you leave!! Have your therapy session before your full bridal appointment because you deserve to come into your shopping experience stress free and ready to make amazing memories! 

3.) Learn what you like! 

Is your head spinning with hundreds of dress options? Have no idea what you’re going to like on yourself? A Consult is a great way to combat these obstacles! At your consultation your Miss Ruby stylist will walk you through all the dress racks and designers. You’ll get to see all the dresses that jump out at you and get a taste of what you’ll be trying on at your appointment! You’ll also have the option of trying on 1-5 dresses! This is a great opportunity to get a taste of what you like before your appointment. You can get a feel for a silhouette you’re loving or the details you have to have! That way you’ve gotten some of the hard work done before your appointment and have started a path for you and your stylist to go down on the big shopping day! You’ll gain so much clarity when you start trying on gowns, and you’ll probably be hit when a surprise or two! Sometimes it can be helpful to get those surprises out of the way before your full bridal appointment.

4.) Have some YOU time! 

Are you the kind of person who struggles with a lot of eyes on you or too many opinions? Worried that a group member will be forcing you to try on styles you don’t like? A consultation can ease these stressors! Like we just said, you will leave your consultation with a much better idea of what you like and want to try on. You will be going down the path that YOU forged! When you know the direction you want to go in, that’s huge!! It can be so beneficial to have a moment to yourself and figure out what you like before outside opinions are thrust on you! You can try on one for your group members at your big appointment while also being able to share with them that you know what you like and you’re going to stick to trying on those styles. Finding or trying on gowns alone can be just the calming experience you need to take some pressure off your bridal appointment.

5.) Pressure’s off!

Speaking of pressure… when you do a consultation before your bridal appointment, it takes all that away when it comes to the day you want to make your decision! We want all of our Miss Ruby brides to be able to live in the moment when they experience finding their dream gowns. You deserve to lean into all your special feelings and celebrate when that magical moment happens. It can be a challenge for some brides when they have mental roadblocks or feel overwhelmed. And guess what?! If you’ve done a consultation, you’ve asked all your questions, let out all your fears, narrowed down your vision, and had a moment to yourself. You are a stress free girl! Overwhelmed? Not you!! You just found the dress of your dreams, said YES and you are partying and celebrating with your group members, fully experiencing moments you’ll never forget! You have set yourself up to have the most successful bridal appointment ever!  

Bridal Consultation FAQs

Who should I bring?

Most brides come alone to their bridal consultations! Many brides take the opportunity of a bridal consultation to figure out what they are liking before outside opinions come into play. If you would like to bring someone, we would recommend bringing only one guest.

What should I bring?

The only thing you need to bring is yourself! Prior to your appointment, just think of any questions or concerns you want to go over with your stylist! If you plan on trying on a few gowns, it never hurts to wear nude undergarments or shapewear if you plan to wear it on your wedding day.

Will I try on bridal gowns?

This is totally up to you! Your stylist will ask you what goals you have for your bridal consultation. Some brides want to wait to try on gowns so they can share their first time in a wedding gown with their loved ones. Other brides want to take the opportunity to have some alone time to learn what they like before they bring in their group members. If you do choose to try on gowns, you will most likely only try on 3-5 gowns!


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