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5 Perfect Dresses for a Winter Wedding

What could be more romantic than a fresh snowfall on your wedding day? We are always big fans of a cozy winter wedding! Besides the snow, there are so many holidays you could incorporate if you wanted to, from New Years to Valentines Day! Here are our top 5 gowns for a winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Dress

Damali is a New Years gown if we've ever seen one! The full sparkle bodice along with the soft tulle skirt is the perfect balance of elegant, playful, and celebratory.

Madi Lane Fleur

There's no denying a crepe gown is gorgeous in any season, and Fleur is no exception! The best part? The lace detailing on the bodice will mimic the falling snowflakes perfectly.

Jenny Yoo Frankie

There's always one lingering question when dress shopping for winter weddings: "Will I get too cold?" Well, with Frankie, you don't need to worry! Not only does Frankie have chic off-the-shoulder long sleeves, the lining is also super soft.

Zavana Ava Wedding Gown

Ava is unique, classy, showstopping, and elegant! This black full sequin gown is the perfect contrast to any white winter scene.

Mikaella Ella Wedding Gown

Can't decide between the sparkle and the crepe? With Ella, you don't need to! This dress also pairs beautifully with our favorite winter accessories, including furs.


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