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2024 Bridal Fashion Trends

This year is (allegedly) the LUCKIEST year for couples to get married in. 2024 (2+0+2+4) adds up to 8. A number that is a positive sign and represents infinite love for you and your partner. Another fun fact about 2024 - we have a leap year! Another lucky sign that adds a touch of uniqueness to this trip around the sun. Anyway - enough fun facts for now, let’s get into some bridal trends to look out for this year! And just a quick PSA - just because these things might be incorporated in your big day, doesn’t mean your wedding is automatically trendy. You and your partner should feel intrinsically connected to the things you include in your day and if that just so happens to be trendy this year - then so be it! You’ll look back and love it just as much as you do now. 

1.) BOWS!

The year of Barbie and "girlhood" has had a lasting effect and bows are still very much going to be everywhere. In the bridal world, bows can be added to literally everything. Candles, wine glasses, invitations and of course to your bridal look! Bows are showing up in big, bold ways and also in more intricate, dainty ways - whatever look you’re going for, a bow is an easy thing to incorporate to give your look an extra cute touch. Dresses pictured below are Penni & Silas - both from Madi Lane.

2.) Introducing...The Watteau 

You may be asking yourself “what is a watteau??” This new vocab word is just another version of a cape. A watteau train attaches to the shoulders or upper back of the bodice, giving it a draping cape effect as it lightly trails down the gown. This is a way to make a statement in an unconventional, yet elegant manner. Depending on the fabric this look can lean whimsical or sharp & chic! Gowns pictured below are Noa & Francesca from Jenny Yoo.

3.) Textured and other unexpected fabrics 

Designers have been branching out and experimenting with more and more fabrics as of late. We’ve seen everything from jacquard, brocade, shimmer twill, crinkle habotai...the list is endless and we are LOVING the variety! A gown made out of one of these fabrics you don’t see very often gives your gown that touch of uniqueness you may be looking for. Dresses pictured below are Kelly from Ti Adora & Evangeline from Jenny Yoo.

4.) Drop Waist or Basque Waist 

Drop waists have come in and out of popularity for decades now. Their history first starts in the 20’s, then they came back in the 60’s. They had another short stint in the early 2000’s (Hello, season 1 of Say Yes to the Dress). We’re seeing them in a new light today in the bridal world. A drop waist gown overshoots the natural waistline which creates an illusion of a longer torso. Gowns pictured below are Connor from Elysee Edition & Lafayette from Jenny Yoo.

5.) Dainty Details

Think Sofie Richie and Hailey Bieber...that delicate French lace with soft but intricate patterns that scream romance. This is popping up in a few different ways with our designers. Daintier 3-D florals have been on the raise for a while but more than ever this year! This trend is perfect for the bride wanting extravagance and texture in their wedding dress but still wants the focus to be all on them! Gowns pictured below are Edwina from WToo & Style ZC22522 from Zavana Couture.

6.) Dramatic Overskirts 

In my humble opinion, an overskirt is the ultimate way to pull off a 2-in-1 look. It’s also perfect for the bride that loves how they feel in a fitted gown but feels torn with the look of a truly bridal ballgown. You can have both! This trend is both fun and practical - you have endless options. You can pair a mini dress with a full overskirt so you have your reception look at the ready. Or you can pair a fitted gown with a half overskirt to show the full gown underneath but have the dramatic look of an a-line during your ceremony! Dresses pictured below are Dovima from Jenny Yoo & June from WToo.


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