What Kind of Bridal Appointment is Right for Me?

What even is the difference between an appointment and a consultation? Does it make any difference if I come on a weekend or a weekday? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Keep scrolling to get into all the details on the different types of bridal appointments available at Miss Ruby and discover the right one for you!

Bridal Consultation

If wedding dress shopping is foreign, daunting, or overwhelming for you to even begin thinking about, you're not alone! A consultation is perfect for the bride who doesn't even know where to start. A bridal consultation is the first step, and you don't even need to try the dresses on! Here, you can have your expert stylist walk you through the racks, and talk you through different designers, fabrics, and silhouettes. This makes the actual appointment easy-peasy, and you can even start narrowing down the styles that you will want to try! It's highly recommended that every bride has a consultation before her actual appointment.

Weekday Bridal Appointment

Weekday bridal appointments are calm, stress-free, and fun. The whole boutique is a bit quieter on weekdays, and some of our appointment slots are pretty late in the evening. This is also perfect if you want to bring a bit of a bigger group- we allow the bride plus four guests during weekday appointments. You get 90 minutes of your stylists' attention, and it's truly the most relaxing way to say yes to your dress.

Weekend Bridal Appointment

If you love the hustle-and-bustle of the busy Milwaukee scene, a weekend appointment might be more your speed. The boutique is truly buzzing with a high-energy vibe that is a complete blast to say yes to your dress in! Weekend appointments are also 90 minutes, with 3 guests permitted. Plus, we start a little earlier in the day on weekends, and nothing completes a shopping trip quite like a good brunch!

Private Bridal Appointment

Here it is- the pies de resistance of bridal appointments! At your private bridal appointment, the entire boutique will be open exclusively for you. With up to 8 guests permitted, you can be sure to have all of your closest friends and family with you for your big moment (plus your two incredible bridal stylists). These appointments are a little bit longer at 2 hours, and include champagne, cute decorations, and even some special treats. The whole experience is catered to you, and makes for a memorable and unique experience you won't ever forget!

At-Home Appointment

There's no experience quite as personalized as an at-home appointment! This is the whole Miss Ruby experience delivered right to your doorstep. It starts with a virtual consultation where you'll select a few dresses to have sent to your home (and a couple of wildcards from your stylist). After that, we virtually walk you through the whole appointment - from putting the first dress on to your epic "YES!" moment. You'll even get some delicious champagne gummy bears in your box, ready to bust out when you say yes!

Photography: Uneven Pavement Productions & Whitney & Matsaya