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Tips for the Bridal Entourage!

First of all, welcome to Miss Ruby!! We hope you are enjoying your experience thus far and are excited to celebrate finding THE dress very soon! While you sit back, relax and sip some complimentary tea, we thought it'd be fun to share a few tips on how to help make the bride's experience the best it can be!

Give ALL the compliments!

The bride chose you to be here because you make them feel loved! Remember to continue to throw compliments their way and make them feel loved, empowered, confident and supported throughout the process!

The Bride Goes First!

We know you're so excited to help the bride select her dream gown but before you share how much you love or don't love the gown they're in, let them share their thoughts first! This helps the bride verbalize exactly how they are feeling in each gown. We absolutely love hearing everyone’s thoughts and opinions but we want to make sure our bride feels heard first. Especially, in their favorite dresses! Afterall, it is their big day!

Team Bride!

The best group members are the ones that are behind the bride 100%. Even if their style isn’t exactly the same as yours or your visions don’t align, support whatever they love and whatever makes them feel the most confident and beautiful!

We are Here to Guide the Bride!

The entire Miss Ruby Team is here to help the bride find their dream dress and guide them throughout this exciting process! Every bride has their own journey and it’s best to celebrate every decision along the way. You never know when the right dress will come along. Sometimes in the first dress they try on, sometimes it at the first appointment of the day, sometimes it's the opposite of what they came in looking for. The stylist is here to empower the bride to be in the moment and celebrate with all their special people beside them!

Time to Celebrate!

Yay! They said YES to their dress! Here comes the champagne!!

Complete the Vision with Color!

Now that they have found their dress, it is almost time to start thinking about yours! I'm sure they've been imagining the perfect bridesmaid color/colors so feel free to head over to our bridesmaid section and grab a color you know they'll love! This is so helpful in helping them get the full vision for their wedding day!

Book Your FREE Upgrade!

The next step is to book your free upgraded weekday bridesmaid appointment that includes charcuterie, champagne and 10% off your dress! Woohoo!! Send a group text to all the bridesmaids and find a date 8-10 months before the wedding that works best for all!

Keep the Celebration Going!

If you don't already have plans after this appointment, ask our team for some local food and drink recommendations! Keep the celebration going over some yummy food and delicious drinks!

We can’t wait to see you all again soon!


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