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What Bridal Appointment is Right for Me?

What is the difference between an appointment and a consultation? Does it make any difference if I come on a weekend or a weekday? Can I add a special treat to my appointment? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Keep scrolling to get into all the details on the different types of bridal appointments available at Miss Ruby and discover the right one for you!

Bridal Consultation

A bridal consultation is perfect for the bride that doesn’t know where to start. It truly is the first step in the bridal shopping process. If you are overwhelmed by the thought of starting to shop or the thought of hundreds of options makes your head spin, then this is the best place to start! At a consultation, your Miss Ruby stylist will walk you through the racks, explain the bridal shopping process, answer your questions and make note of a few styles you’re excited to try on at your bridal appointment!

Weekday Bridal Appointment

Are you ready to say yes to your dress and prefer a calm and quiet environment over a loud and high energy one? Then a weekday appointment is perfect for you! By scheduling a weekday appointment you will have the opportunity to shop with less people around and it’s the perfect time to schedule an appointment if you're looking to bring a little bit of a larger group. You get 90 minutes of your stylists’ attention and it is such a relaxing way to say yes to your dress. PLUS, when you say YES to the dress Tuesday-Friday, you'll receive $150 to use towards the perfect accessories!

Weekend Bridal Appointment

A weekend bridal appointment is perfect for the bride that is SO ready to say yes to their dress and thrives in a high-energy environment surrounded by other bride-to-be’s! The boutique is buzzing on the weekends and it is so much fun. If you and your group are ready to have a good time, say yes to your dress and spend the rest of the day downtown celebrating, then a weekend appointment is your style! Bring your 4 closest people along and let’s celebrate!

Weekday Upgrade

A weekday upgrade is perfect for the brides that want the benefits of a more relaxed appointment but you’d like to enjoy a special treat while shopping! This appointment includes charcuterie and bubbly for you and your group to enjoy throughout your appointment. It truly does make the say yes moment and the entire shopping process a little extra special!

Private Appointment

The Miss Ruby Private Appointment is the ultimate bridal shopping experience. At your exclusive private appointment, you will have the entire boutique to yourself. You are sure to have ALL of your special people in person for your special say yes moment because you can invite up to 10 people to join you! Plus, you’ll receive snacks, bubbly, personalized decor and the undivided attention of your bridal stylist and guests. The entire experience is completely personalized and catered to you so you are sure to have the most memorable dress shopping experience possible!

Now that you've found the perfect appointment for you, CLICK HERE to schedule your personalized Miss Ruby Experience!


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