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How To Incorporate Your Mom's Wedding Dress

The concept of a bride wearing her mother’s wedding dress is sweet, vintage, and undeniably adorable. It’s common for moms to preserve their wedding dress for years, with the hopes that one day her daughter will want to wear it on her own wedding day. However, at the end of the day, styles change, and those bulky shoulder pads might not be so trendy anymore. So, how does a bride keep a piece of her mother or grandmother with her on her wedding day if she doesn’t want to wear the actual dress? Here are a few ways to incorporate your mother’s wedding dress without wearing the dress itself!

Mom's wedding dress

1. Add Lace to Your Veil

Lace is one of the few trends that has truly stood the test of time! One way to have “something borrowed” is to add some of the lace from your mother’s wedding dress to a plain veil. This isn’t the easiest craft and will likely require the help of a good seamstress, but the finished product will be both beautiful and sentimental!

Wedding Dress and Veil

2. Add Ribbon to Your Bouquet

Most bouquets need a piece of ribbon to tie them together anyway, so why not use one with a little nostalgia? You can simply request a certain ribbon be used by your florist. Most florists will use their own wrap as a base, and then tie your ribbon on top of it, as to preserve it. You can even use a piece of the lining from your mother’s dress, so most of the structure of it will remain intact.

Wedding Bouqet

3. Ring Pillow

This is one of the cutest ways to create a new family heirloom. You have some options here! You can make the entire ring bearer pillow out of your mother’s dress material, or if you’re feeling extra crafty, buy a plain pillow and sew the pieces you like to it. Using a hot glue gun is also an option, but hot glue and vintage lace can make for a very messy combo!

Wedding Ring Holder

4. Use The Tulle As A Flower Girl Skirt

Tulle is the perfect fabric for a flower girl’s dress. Plus, many vintage wedding dresses have more than enough tulle to spare in their lining! This is a totally sweet way to honor the past and the future simultaneously. Most importantly, it gives your flower girl something super fun to twirl around in.

Flower Girl Dress

Of course, you’ll want to check with your mom and other family members who might be interested in the dress before taking a pair of scissors to it. No one wants a “27 Dresses” incident! But once you have the green-light, the possibilities are endless.


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