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Behind the Scenes at our Recent Team Retreat

Working in bridal is a dream. It really is. BUT, it’s a fast paced, emotional, busy, and sometimes stressful dream. The Miss Ruby team truly pours our hearts into what we do, and sometimes we need to step back to recharge so we can be our best for our amazing brides. In early October, we made the trip up to Cedar Grove to do just that. We partnered with a lovely company called the Hazel Shoppe to have our first ever Miss Ruby Hygge Retreat.

Miss Ruby Bridal Team Retreat

What is Hygge?

The Hazel Shoppe describes Hygge as a Danish way of living that emphasizes contentment and gratitude. We learned at the retreat that Hygge can be different for everyone, as long as it brings you peace, joy, and coziness. Hygge was the guiding idea behind everything we did at the retreat, and it truly helped us feel inspired and relaxed.

What we did

The day started with a BEAUTIFUL drive through the country up to an amazing home on the shores of Lake Michigan. Comfy clothes were a must, which was a nice change of pace from our normal heels and dresses we wear at the boutique. The house was absolutely gorgeous (and huge!) and provided us the perfect backdrop for our day.

Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Retreat Stay

Yoga on the deck overlooking the lake was the best way to kick things off! The sounds of the waves and the sun on our faces melted away any bit of stress we were still carrying into the retreat. We moved our bodies and worked on connecting our body, mind, and spirit.

Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Team Experience

After working up an appetite practicing yoga, we had the cutest breakfast of build-your-own yogurt parfaits. We often spend an entire day running around from appointment to appointment and are lucky to eat a granola bar, so taking time to nourish our bodies at the retreat was extremely important. We of course cozied up with a cup (or five) of warm coffee to really get us in the Hygge spirit.

Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Team Retreat Food

Next we went outside and did some really impactful mindset work. Stephanie from The Hazel Shoppe helped us do a little digging into how we treat ourselves and what we are really worth. In an industry where we spend all day, everyday, lifting up other women, it’s important that we practice what we preach and lift ourselves up as well. We also wrote letters to other members of our team and they were SO GOOD. We are so grateful to have an amazing team filled with the wisest, kindest, most inspiring women.

Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Team Retreat Photo

After an inspiring and emotional morning we had a very cozy afternoon. We ate some lunch and explored the property. We had some free time, so some girls played a board game, some lounged in the sun, some played bocce ball, and some just sat around and chatted. We did somehow end up in an impromptu cartwheel contest to prove that “we still got it”. It was a fun afternoon.

Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Retreat Platter

We closed out the day by watching one of our faves, Brene Brown. A woman that we all would recommend checking out if you haven’t already. After a very cozy dinner of pasta we had a few closing words from Stephanie and reflected a bit on the day.

Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique Retreat Staff

We are beyond grateful to our Owners, Erin and Pauline for valuing us and our well being so much that they gave us the opportunity to rejuvenate and relax. In a world driven by money, success, accomplishments, and noise it is extremely important to find some quiet and give yourself the grace you deserve to relax. We are all human and need to be feeling our best for ourselves before we can be the best for other people. We left inspired and ready to get right back to it. A huge thank you to Stephanie from The Hazel Shoppe for organizing the retreat and allowing our whole team to truly disconnect. You can check out her website and learn more about Hygge at


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