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2024 Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Stepping into the wedding season of 2024 brings a fresh wave of excitement, not just for brides, but bridesmaids too! As the bridal landscape evolves, so do all the trends surrounding bridesmaids. This year's trends offer inclusivity as well as an array of chic options for those standing by the bride's side on her special day.

Are you gearing up to rock those bridesmaid duties in 2024? Well, get ready to bring your A-game because we've got the inside scoop on the trendiest looks hitting the bridal scene this year. From dreamy ivory gowns to bold color combos and funky patterns, we're here to dish out all the deets on how to have your friends and family slay as a bridesmaid OR bridesMAN! So, let's dive into the bridesmaid trends we’re already seeing set the stage for 2024!

Fun Palettes

When it comes to bridesmaid gowns, the limit does not exist! Brides are embracing a diverse range of styles, patterns, and fabrics to craft a cohesive yet uniquely personalized palette. By embracing this versatility, you not only celebrate your individuality but also cater to the preferences of your bridesmaids. Allow members of your bridal party to express their personal style within the framework of your vision! This approach ensures that everyone feels comfortable and confident in their attire while contributing to a visually captivating wedding aesthetic!


Patterns offer such a  delightful departure from solid-colored bridesmaid gowns, adding a sense of playful charm into the ensemble that breaks from tradition! We've been particularly loving the trend of incorporating floral prints, which infuse a refreshing and whimsical vibe. Whether showcased individually or mixed and matched with other gown styles, prints breathe new life into the bridal party aesthetic, adding an element of freshness and fun to the celebration, regardless of the season.


Forget the old-school rules where only gals got to join the bride tribe! Nowadays, it's all about breaking free from those outdated norms. More and more, brides are ditching tradition and inviting their closest guy pals or family members to stand by their side on the big day. It's all about having your ride-or-die crew there for you, regardless of gender. That's why brides are all about having their own "bridesmen." They're not just there to look good in a suit; they're your partners in crime, your go-to guys, and your rocks when the going gets tough. So, let's raise a glass to friendship and love, because on your wedding day, who you choose to have by your side matters more than any old tradition!

Ivory Bridesmaid Gowns

Calling all modern brides! If your vision of the perfect wedding leans towards contemporary and sophisticated with a unique twist, then ivory bridesmaid dresses might just be right up your alley! Brides are finding this gorgeous trend to be a striking alternative to conventional bridesmaid dresses — all while achieving an incredibly chic, clean, and timeless aesthetic.

We can't wait to help you bring your bridal party vision to life! Book your appointment here!


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