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Our Promise


Our boutique is built upon the foundations of love, equality, acceptance & inclusivity. We cannot & will not

stay silent as we witness the hate & racism that is infecting our black brothers & sisters. We as a business & as real people with real feelings, we vow to stand beside the black community as we push back against the racism that has stained our streets & segregated our communities. No human's worth, dreams, rights, or needs should be limited because of the color of their skin. We also vow to continue to create a safe space within our boutique - an accepting space. A space filled with people who are more than willing to listen & to learn the many ways in which we can continue to fight for a future our black communities have long deserved. 


We vow to never turn our back on love no matter who you love. We vow to call you by your name & view you through the same lens you view yourself. We are here to empower you, appreciate you & to support you through the process of creating new traditions & frameworks within our community. Our city's LGBTQ+ family has a long history of resilience, resistance, determination, and pride. We promise to carry on in your fight. We understand that much like love, gender & identity were created within an everchanging, tangled & brilliant spectrum - no love is like the other. We recognize that we wouldn't have Plankinton Avenue, Second Street, and so much more without you & we thank you. Each time we look out of our boutique window, we see the Pride flags billowing, we hear the sound of love & liberation echoing, and we are reminded of how empty this city, this world would be without you.


No matter how you identify, what color your skin is, who you pray to, who you love, you will always be a part of our beautiful family. We will stand with you through whatever storm this world casts.  We would not be here as a boutique & as people if it weren't for our Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and LGBTQ+ family.  What makes us human is that we have the ability to make choices & right now we have two: we can choose the route that requires work, education, and willingness to grow, or we can choose the easy route that allows us to stand back as life passes us by. 

We are choosing to grow & we hope you will too!

A commitment to equality will always be a top priority for us & here are some of steps we've taken recently:

  • More representation of all of our brides on social media & our website

  • Ongoing staff training on anti-racism & equality

  • Expanded size offerings in store for trying on

  • Bi-lingual appointments are now offered

  • Volunteering within our community


We are proud of the steps we've taken but we know there is so much more to do!  And we need your help.

We invite you to complete the following survey to help us improve.

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