Directions to our Space

Step 1

- Getting Here -

The entrance to Miss Ruby is located in the cobblestone courtyard of the Pritzlaff building. To find the entrance, look for the large "313" sign at the base of the entrance off of St. Paul Avenue. 

Step 2

- Our Entrance -

As you enter the courtyard by foot, you'll see another large "313" sign at the rear of. That sign signifies the entrance to the upper level of the Pritzlaff building, where we are located.  

Step 3

- Our New Elevator -

Unlike our old elevator, our new elevator is state-of-the-art! Pass the security station to find it on the left. But if you go into the Pritzlaff Events Leasing Office, you've gone too far. 

Step 4

- 2nd Floor -

Take the elevator to the second floor and go straight ahead. You'll find a floor map that will help easily guide you on your way. 

Step 5

- Follow The Hallway -

Follow the hallway around to our space. You'll pass other great local companies & start-ups, as well as antiques & relics from The Pritzlaff Building's rich history. 

Step 6

- Follow the Signs -

Not sure if you're heading in the right way? Look out for our signs, which should point you on your way!

Step 7

- You've Arrived -

You'll find our beautiful boutique in suite #203! We're a little tucked away, but that only makes for a special and more memorable experience. Welcome!

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313 North Plankinton Avenue      Suite 203      Milwaukee, WI 53203      414.755.2900