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Frequently Asked Questions


Once I Click "Submit" is My Order Placed With The Designer?

No. A representative from Miss Ruby will call you when your order form is received to review sizing and take payment over the phone.


Can I Cancel My Order After I Submit the Online Order Form?

Your order is not considered complete until a representative from Miss Ruby contacts you and takes payment over the phone. However, once your dress has been paid for there are absolutely NO refunds, returns, or exchanges issued. 

How Long Will It Take For My Dress To Arrive?
Bridesmaid dress orders take 12 - 14 weeks to arrive. Under most circumstances, we place the entire bridal party order together to ensure that all dresses are made in the same fabric dye-lot. Keep in mind, the amount of time it takes other members of bridal party to order may factor in to when your dress arrives. 

How Much Do I Have To Pay?

Payment is due in full for the order to be considered complete.  

Can I Pay For The Dress Online?
At this time we do not have an online payment system - payments can be taken either in-store or over the phone.
Is the Dress Made According to the Measurements I Provide?
All dresses are made according to a standard pattern. The measurements you provide help to determine the size that will be most appropriate for you  - dresses are NOT custom made to your measurements.
I'm Measuring Into Different Sizes, How Do I Know What Size to Order?
We always recommend ordering the largest size that you are measuring into on our designer-specific size charts. Dresses can be easily taken in by a tailor or seamstress, but are typically difficult or impossible to let out. A representative from Miss Ruby will re-confirm your size when we call to place your order, and we'll let you know what size we recommend at that time. 
Can I Order a Smaller Size Than a Miss Ruby Representative Recommends?
Ultimately, you have the final say in regards to the size you order. We are here to provide our professional opinion on sizing based on your measurements, our familiarity with the dresses, and our years of experience. However, you know your body better than anyone else and you control the size that you order. Keep in mind that if you order a dress that does not fit, Miss Ruby is NOT responsible for any alterations costs. 
I'm Planning On Losing Weight, Should I Go Down A Size?
We don't recommend ordering a smaller size than you are measuring into. Even if you are planning on losing weight, pounds don't always equal inches, and it's hard to know how your body will look at your new weight. We recommend ordering the size you are now, and having the dress altered as needed. 
What Size Should I Order if I Plan On Being Pregnant?
The size you order entirely depends on how many months pregnant you will be on the wedding date. We recommend going at least 2 sizes up from your measurements pre-pregnancy. However, your sizing choice is ultimately yours. 
What Happens if I Want The Dress Shipped to Me?
Once the dress has arrived in store, we can ship the dress to any home address the United States. Shipping is available for a non-refundable fee of $20. We ship via UPS Ground and will provide tracking once the dress has shipped.
What Happens When My Dress Arrives In-Store?
When your dress arrives, a Miss Ruby representative will inspect it to ensure that the dress is correctly made and free of any errors. We will then call the bride to let her know her bridal party's order has arrived. If you are getting the dress shipped, we will call you directly to re-confirm the shipping address we have on file.
Do I Need an Appointment to Pick My Dress Up In-Store? 
Appointment for bridesmaids dress pickups are not required but are highly recommended. That way, we have can the dress pulled and a fitting room available so you are able to try on your dress before you take it home. 
Do You Have an In-House Seamstress?
No. We have very talented ladies we recommend in the Milwaukee-area, however you are free to take the dress to any seamstress or tailor you see fit. 
Are Alterations Included in the Price of the Dress?
No. Alterations are an additional cost. 
How Many Inches Can A Dress Be Taken In?
Dresses can typically be taken in up to 4 sizes before the integrity of the dress is compromised.
How Much Do Alterations Cost for a Bridesmaids Dress?
The cost for alterations depends entirely upon who you take your dress to and the amount of hours needed to complete the work upon your dress. Please call your seamstress directly for pricing information. 
Does Miss Ruby Make Money From the Alterations Cost?
No. The seamstresses we recommend work independently. We have a great relationship with them and are happy to provide referrals, but Miss Ruby does not profit from alterations in any way. 

Still Have Questions?
Contact Miss Ruby Boutique at
(414) 755-2900




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